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slaveboys guide to surviving chastity

i don’t yet have a lot of experience with BDSM activities and so i very much still consider myself a newbie. And i’m good with that. But the more i read on chastity forums and groups, i think i qualify for at least the rank of novice when it comes to chastity. The difference of course is the 24/7 nature of it. i believe my chastity training has crossed into a relatively advanced level and so i have learned some helpful tips for not just surviving it but enjoying it and getting the most benefit from it.
First and foremost, “the honor system” is bullshit. Not one single man with a functioning cock will obey the honor system. Sure, you’ll read all about on chastity forums. i’m here to tell you there is no such thing as it pertains to chastity. we will wank. Daily. If not more so.
my first session with Miss Mia Fallon was January 9 and it was pure magic. O/our next session was January 26 and that was the first day She locked me in chastity. First lock-up was 22 days and then because i had a business trip out of town, Mistress let me out of the cock cage for the next 10 days until O/our next session. And that’s when this got real…
From February 27 straight through until this moment, i have been continuously locked up with the exception of two 1-hour sessions with Mistress in which She kindly allowed me “release” before locking me back up and sending me on my way. That’s 10+ weeks, something that wouldn’t be possible (or sanitary) in a plastic chastity device but i’ll get to that a little later.
Here are some rules i try to live by:
#1 – Be grateful!
Many boys fantasize about chastity while they wank. Only a lucky few get to experience it. Be grateful for the privilege.
#2 – Never ask for “release”
Walk the walk. This is consensual. You signed up for giving Her control. Don’t be disrespectful and selfish by asking for Her to let you jerk off.
#3 – “Release” is not reward
This is important for a couple of reasons. First, if you go into this with the attitude of “i’m going to behave so Mistress will eventually let me jerk off”, you are approaching this from the mindset of a child (i.e. do your homework and then you can watch TV). Good boy, here’s a cookie. The second problem is that if you end up locked up for extended periods of time, you may begin to lose perspective on the nature of what a reward should be. And believe me, “30 seconds of glory” isn’t really where you want to hang your hat when it comes to reward. For me, spending extra time with Mistress is my reward. It really is a wonderful treat when She allows it.
#4 – Buy the right cock cage
i suppose the CB-xxxx or other cheap plastic devices can work as long as your key holder allows you to remove the device frequently for cleaning and grooming. If not, forget it. It isn’t possible to maintain good hygiene while locked in a plastic chastity device for any significant length of time. Beyond that, with so many parts, you are bound to get skin pinched on various places you’d rather it not happen and those thick plastic rings will chafe your skin substantially, even with lube.
You can buy a custom-fit, steel cock cage from MatureMetal for about the price of two CB-6000 devices and trust me it is worth it if you intend to take this seriously. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for and ask questions. They will help you with the sizing. And you really want to get it right the first time! Also, oval ring instead of round ring. Trust me, it is infinitely more comfortable when sitting.
#5 – Friction is not your friend
Lots and lots of lube. You literally want to apply lube to your entire ball sack, as much of your cock as you can access, and all areas of skin that will come in contact with the device. Before you put on your panties, remember your lube!
And equally important is don’t spend too much time fondling, rubbing, scratching, or otherwise monkeying around with your package. That all creates friction which in turn creates chafing which in turn burns which in turn creates some gnarly looking scabs and skin discoloration.
And most importantly, if you want to limit the burning sensation under your balls when you wake up at 4:00a with your “morning wood” (and you will), apply lube to the underside of your sack before you go to bed. Trust me on this one!
#6 – Spend extra time with hygiene and grooming
You’re a guy and therefore prone to stench by nature. It is difficult to wash your crotch when locked in any device. At least with the steel cock cages, you can access almost everywhere and move stuff around a little to wash what needs washing.
Also, shave your pubes. Easier to keep your junk clean, looks better, and you avoid most of the pinching with any moving parts of the cock cage you choose. The steel devices are only 2 pieces (plus the lock) but without manscaping you may find something getting plucked when you sit down or stand up.
#7 – You will get desperate and it will eventually passThere will be many, many times that you will desperately want out of the cage. Don’t whine to Mistress and certainly don’t take the chastity device off without permission. Instead, find something that you can use to re-channel those emotions. For me, i think of my Mistress saying “good boy” and i just play it over and over and over again in my head because for me, hearing Her say those words can take me to a very happy and peaceful place.
Your cock can swell in the cage and get semi-erect but if sized right, it is half of your normal erect length (or less). You can learn to appreciate that pressure and those semi-erections and in doing so it becomes somewhat cyclical. The longer you go in the cage, the more desperate you get, the more often you will be semi-erect in the cage. USE THAT to re-program your brain. Hearing Mistress saying “good boy” is my trigger. This is pleasing to Mistress, it is pleasing to me. This pressure, this ache is for Mistress. “Good boy” works for me. Something else may work for you.
#8 – 4am isn’t the end of the world
In your first week, you’ll wake up at 4am with a painful half-erection and likely struggle to get back to sleep. It sucks. Maybe try taking melatonin or Tylenol PM for those first few days. May or may not help you actually sleep past 4am.
But after that, you begin to adjust. Sure, there will still be days of excessive 4am ache but eventually you can work through it. For me, i actually enjoy it now. i still wake up every morning between 3:30am and 4:00am but when i do, it’s “good boy”, i smile, roll over, and fall back to sleep until 6:00am.
#9 – Let it make you better
If you go into chastity focused on denial, it is a negative. It is value-dilutive to your life. Harness this new surge of energy (and time) that you’ll have to improve yourself. Porn is useless to you in your current state, focus on learning something, whether kink-related or vanilla. You’ll be surprised what you can do when you no longer have the ability to wank and the subsequent slump of laziness, complacency, and self-indulgence that comes with it. And it can make you a better and more considerate person in the vanilla world as well.
Chastity is a gift, don’t squander it.
#10 – Embrace the suck
Make the cage a part of you. Last week in my session with Mistress, being out of the cage felt strange, like something was missing. When i got back in my car to leave and felt that familiar slide of the panties over my cock cage, that was normal for me now.
Also, if you focus on how much better you feel now that you’re used to being locked up instead of the misery of that first week, do you really want to go back through that? Please just keep me locked up, Mistress.
i have quite a bit of business travel coming up and i really am dreading that first week when She locks me back up. And just as important, i truly believe that i’m a better person in my current state. Now much of that comes from my training program as a whole with Mistress but i can tell you that being locked up makes me feel more focused, confident, and considerate as a leader at the office. i don’t want to sacrifice that by going backwards.
Ayway, i hope this helps some would-be chaste slaveboys. Personally, i have scoured the web and found a ton of fantasy-based material but not a lot of reality-based information on chastity. i can tell you that i’ve never been happier and i believe Mistress Mia Fallon makes me better everyday.

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  1. Good piece. i too encourage everyone to go with the mature metal cages. They are great. If you get the security screw, there are no moving parts, so no pinching. Mistress has had me locked up for 2 weeks at the most.The first week is no fun, but after that, you can move on to focusing on Mistress Eleanor's needs, and forget your own.

  2. Actually i really like the plastic CB6000s- i'm wearing a metal cage as i type, and i'm finding it a bit hard. Still, good point about lube. Try baby oil gel for great results