Wednesday, 27 August 2014

slave Masturbation Application

Dear Mistress Eleanor,
i wish the very very best day for my Mistress, Mistress Eleanor. Nearly 2 weeks i've been in Your service and i give all my free time to serving my Mistress. i try my best to finish all twitter tasks and my other duties. I'm very grateful for the tasks I receive from You. i believe with Your training i will be a better person and a better slave for Your service. As You ordered Your slaves, Tuesday is application day to apply for our masturbation rights. i'm here for serving You Mistress Eleanor and the most important thing for a slave is Your pleasures. As You say, pleasing You is my top priority, for this reason the purpose of my masturbation is to be not to give me pleasure, but for Your amusement. i don't wear a chastity belt, but i think for you to control my orgasm You do not need a chastity belt, as i know the penalty of disobeying Your orders is being dismissed from Your service. A slave like me that wants to be Your lifelong slave will never disobey You. If You allow it, this will be my first masturbation in Your service and this is very important for me. This is the first time in my life i have not masturbated for 2 weeks, and this very hard for me. Especially when i am given a writing task about Your feet photos. i'm very weak against Your perfect feet and i adore Your perfect feet Mistress Eleanor. During the task most of time i am erect and i use an ice bag to fix this problem. Yes, its very painful for me, but slavery is not an easy job. i hope this week i deserve this honour. Masturbation is a privilege for a slave and i beg You on my knees for this honour. i don't know what will be Your decision, but "Mistress Eleanor knows best always".
Best Regards
Your slave

Friday, 22 August 2014

21 September is My Birthday

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Dormitory Dilemmas

Now, I normally sleep naked, but with Susan being here I thought a bit of modesty might be in order, and besides, I was in a girls’ dormitory, or at least pretending to be, although it once was a real girl’s boarding school.  There was a night dress provided and so I figured I better wear that, putting it on just with my navy school knickers on underneath.

Laying in bed it took a while to adjust to my unfamiliar surroundings.  I thought about masturbating, there had certainly been enough excitement during the day, but was worried in case I made a mess of the sheets, so maybe it would be best if I didn’t.  I wished Caroline was here, not that for a minute I would think of using her to satisfy my carnal lusts, but it would at least be nice to have a cuddle, and you never know, it could lead to more, although, not of course with Susan being in the same room.  Maybe a ménage à trois?  Ah, this was not doing me any good at all. I was getting more horny and frustrated as my imagination went to work.

Just as I had resolved to get up and go and get some tissues to masturbate into, I heard Caroline and Susan coming into the room.  Phew, that was a close call.  While Caroline doesn’t mind me “taking care of myself” as she calls it, she does love to call me a little masturbator and if I’d been caught she would have been sure to have involved Susan in her taunts and no matter how playful she might be the ridicule would have been extreme in my eyes.  Best to play safe and keep my hands out of my pants.

Caroline and Susan were making a bit of noise with their chatter and I was in two minds whether or not to ask them to please be quiet, but then I caught the thread of their conversation and decided to fane sleep so I could listen in.  I must admit I got a little rush out of eavesdropping on my two female companions, my fellow students, that I almost wanted to rub myself while I did it, but I daren’t risk them  catching me or give Caroline an excuse to call me a naughty little wanker or some other taunt.

“That’s an interesting line of work, I guess.”  It was Caroline and I think they were talking about the lady who was organising the weekend and performing the role of Head Mistress.

“Yeah, there must be some perks!”

“Pricks more likely, I imagine she has to deal with all sorts” Caroline was laughing.  “And sounds like she sorts them out too.”  They both laughed and it sounded like Susan making the sound of a whip.

“What did you think of her ponygirl weekend offer?”  Susan asked Caroline, but there was no answer.  “I’d be game if you were...” Susan went on.

“Maybe” Caroline sounded a bit reluctant and as if changing the subject “What do you think of tomorrow’s timetable?  I must say I’m looking forward to it.  On theme, but nice and varied, not sure what Mar..., eh Marcia is going to make of it though.”  She chuckled and I couldn’t quiet hear Susan’s reply except that she ended by saying better tell him.

“Yeah, he’s gonna have to get up early to be breakfast monitor.”  I listened carefully hoping Caroline would say more, but then she was shaking me by the shoulder.  “Wake up dear, you’re going to be busy like a bee, buzz buzz.” With that she started to poke me until I turned over and sat up, pretending to be groggy with sleep.  The lights went on and I was worried they, or Caroline at the very least, would notice the little tent I was making, the swelling induced by the image of Caroline and Susan being ponygirls had not yet receded, especially after the recent horniness.

Doing my best sleepy impression and also trying to be politely dutiful and avoid further scrutiny, I asked what’s up.

“You, Marcia, are breakfast monitor.  We’ve all been given jobs.  I’m chalk monitor and Susan is blackboard monitor.  But then we thought we’d like breakfast in bed and so elected you dear, as breakfast monitor.  That means up early and down to the kitchen.  There’s instructions.  Simple job for you” She was patting my head, reassuring the uncertainty she must have spotted in face.  “But as it’s school property you must be dressed...” before she could go on she started laughing.  “And Susan has picked out your knickers to wear” This was burst out amid more laughter and Susan admonishing Caroline for dobbing her in.  Then it happened.  Susan lay a bright pink pair of what I could only call bloomers over my bed, just where I was supposed to wear them, only problem was they didn’t lay flat and without thinking Susan went to smooth them down and as she did so let out a shriek as she felt my little stiffie under the bedclothes.

It didn’t take Caroline two seconds to realise what had happened.  Susan started apologising, Caroline told her not to, that I must have been having a wank, that obviously I must be enjoying being a schoolgirl and should apologies to Susan for giving her a fright.

As I had my eyes shut tight in embarrassment I didn’t see Susan’s reaction, but I started apologising as best I could.  Susan still seemed a bit contrite “If I’d have noticed, I never would have ...”  Caroline interrupted “It’s very small, Susan, not your fault you didn’t notice it, hell, I don’t notice it much either, in or out.”  Caroline giggled and then Susan giggled and I realised they were both a bit tipsy.

“It’s okay Marcia, it’s just not something I expected” Susan explained.  I squirmed at this and had Caroline giggling even more which then had Susan saying “Not in a girls’ dormitory at any rate.”  Caroline then wanted to know if I was a girl or would she have to call Headmistress.  I thought it best to play a long with her and replied yes, I am a girl, trying to get a petulant school girlish tone into my voice.  I was rewarded by a big smile from Caroline and little guilty smirk from Susan.

Friday, 1 August 2014

A Day in the Life of Maid Marcia

Madame’s alarm went and i waited patiently while she turned it off.  “Would you like a cuddle?” I carefully asked and to my joy she responded positively, spooning into my back and saying how lovely and warm i was as her hand snaked down and cupped my genitals snugly hidden in my panties.

In my imagination Madame said that she didn’t have to go to work early today and that i could massage her feet while she snoozed. No further encouragement was necessary and slipping my gown on i moved to the end of the bed and with massage oil at the ready proceeded to carefully peel back the covers to reveal one of her beautiful feet. 

After massaging both feet i carefully moved up her legs until i was massaging her thighs.  This was a risk i knew, but it seemed like a good chance.  Carefully i reached into Madame’s bedside drawer and retrieved her vibrator.  First i used it on her feet and legs, working my way back up to her pantie covered crotch.  It was so nice to touch her so intimately and i was getting quiet excited, but she suddenly shocked me by pulling aside her knickers so her sex was fully displayed to me – a rare and wonderful sight.  Letting her enjoy the attentions of the vibrator for a while i imagined it was a real man who was pleasuring her, but finally i worked up the resolve to ask her if i could lick her pussy, something i love doing, but rarely get the chance.

Madame told me to wait while she went to the bathroom.

When she returned she had left her knickers off and proceeded to lie down so i could lick her precious pussy.  The slight sent of her lingering urine was a turn on, but it was soon supplanted by her juices as they mixed with my salvia, causing me to pause and gulp down all i could.  I know her juices held lots of female hormones, but that was a risk i was more than happy to take and continued to lap, lick and suck away until Madame had first one and then two wonderful orgasms.  Pausing i asked if i was better at giving her orgasms than her boyfriend (my pet name for her vibrator) and she said yes, but only with your tongue.

Sadly things had to stop there as i had chores to perform and Madame still had to go to work.  In my dressing gown i tidied up my face before going into the kitchen where i put away the dishes, made Madame a cup of tea and prepared her breakfast and that for the other family members including her pets.  When that was done i had my own simple breakfast and left the family to enjoy a period of quality time. 

As i ate my breakfast and checked things on my computer i thought how lucky i was that Madame allowed me to share her bed.  It would be simple for her to put me in the spare room or even the closet as she had sometimes teased or playfully threatened me.  Of course the spare room would be my fate if she ever did feel like sharing her bed with a real man, something that is of course totally within her rights.  One thing i know is sissy husbands have no rights, but that sissy maids have lots of responsibilities.

Time gets away and i am called to service.  Quickly i throw on some ugly male clothes and perform the morning taxi service, but it doesn’t take long and i am soon home and can attended to my chores after having a shower, carefully shaving my little bits so they look cute and wishing i could be rid of the rest of my nasty body hair.  Still warm from the shower i complete my exercise and stretching regime imagining that one day i might be really supple and slender.

Today is a very special day. For a number of reasons, one of which i won’t go in to involved the creation of a tasty snack which i duly consumed.  The most important reason was that it was maid day.  Before Madame had left for the day i had told her it was maid day and that i would be cleaning the house.  She said good and i am sure she knew i would be performing my maid duties as Marcia and would be properly attired, or well i hope she did as i am.  Yes, a very special reason is that i have been told to tell my story of a day in the life of maid Marcia and of course i can’t very well do that if i am not dressed for the part.

The only challenge is i have to write my story while dressed as Marcia, but at the same time do all my chores.  Oh dear.  How am i going to fit all that in?

Luckily there was only one load of washing to hang out.

Rather than take my usual morning coffee break reading a book, i took my flat white (which is my coffee of preference when i’m Marcia as it is a cruel jibe at my flat chest, sniff.  But better than having a long black...  hee hee, giggle, giggle.  Blush.  What am i thinking?)  Oh my, it can be hard to concentrate.  Anyway, while having my coffee i started my story.

When i was preparing the washing i noted there was some ironing to do.  There is not much ironing, just two school shirts, so this was a treat as you can guess who would be doing the ironing.  Yes me, maid Marcia.  i must remember to tell Madame that i have ironed them as she is sure to tease me about it in some way.

Ironing should make a good photo opportunity and i set everything up and took a picture using the timer.  When i had finished i checked the photo only to find it was, well, rubbish.  Oh dear.  Maybe a photo of me checking to see if the washing is dry?  Good idea i thought and duly set it up.  Not bad. And yes, they are my pink panties and they were the ones that can be just seen in a photo associated with the Sellotape task.  On the line were two more shirts and they were dry enough to iron and so i brought one in and set up another photo.  Much better, but now i realised i had done three of the four shirts and so i had better do the last one.  Oh my.  My poor aching feet after standing ironing for half an hour on the hard slate floor while wearing high heels...  I rather enjoyed it.

Would i still say that after the vacuuming was done?  Probably the most important task i had to do today and one i was determined to do while still appropriately dressed.  But first a bite for lunch.

One of the good things about being Marcia is that she likes to diet.  She wants to be a skinny bitch in the kitch.  This is something that gets her in trouble with Madame who doesn’t like her losing too much weight, so i don’t think i am every going to have a nice figure.  Lunch by the way was a small sweet potato pie, an apple and glass of water.  There was some leftover fired rice to have, but that can wait till another day.

Strangely i’m not that hungry, maybe it was the protein shake i had earlier?  It was a real treat.  I don’t know if it will be a rare treat or a common occurrence or both.  What i do know is that it is now firmly fixed in my little mind.


It has to be done.  And as i’m dressed as a maid i guess i’m the best person to do it.  “Let me be your vacuum cleaner, sucking up your dust”.  Hmmm, best not let my little mind wander in that direction.

Oh dear this is not like me at all.

At this stage i had to stop writing and get on with my chores as by the time i would have them finished i would have used up all my Marcia time for the day.  Thank heavens i had another day up my sleeve, eh, in my closet.  And so now i’m Marcia as secretary completing my story, although i still has some domestic chores to complete and one interruption to contend with.

The vacuuming was endless!  Hall, study, lounge, kitchen, main bedroom, bathroom and laundry, paying particular attention to the skirting boards which required me to constantly bend down or crouch down to change vacuum attachments.  To top it off, and as if my poor feet weren’t sore enough, i decided to mop the kitchen floor as well.

Afternoon taxi service and then start dinner (asparagus soup), wash up, prepare drinks for Madame and watch some family TV.  Then it was early to bed, but what would it be like if it was just Madame and i home alone, if say the other family members had a sleep over at friends or something?

Madame came home from work and commented favourably on the state of her house.  With a little curtsey i said thank you and asked if Madame would like a drink.  White wine was the order and i prepared that while Madame got changed from her business clothes into something more casual.  This is a part of being her maid i don’t like, she is never or at any rate only briefly, ever dressed up when we are together.  She gets dressed special for other people, but not poor little me who never gets to see her in stockings, skirts, sheer blouses or high heels.  Never mind, i am lucky that for her casual is still pretty smart.

While she enjoyed her wine and read her book i busied myself tidying up her clothes and preparing dinner.  Madame wished to have soup tonight and so i picked out one i knew was her favourite.  It was simple to do, but i kept to the kitchen so Madame could enjoy some time alone which i know she really appreciates even though i long to be in her presence.

After serving her dinner i was surprised when she told me to wait.  She had me stand by while she finished her soup so i could take away the dish and tray, no matter that my dinner was getting cold (although not dreadfully so as i had put the soup in a warmer).  Just standing there, waiting quietly on this wonderful, powerful, intelligent and beautiful woman sent shivers up my spine.

When she was finished i was dismissed and told to take my dinner in my study, but that i could join her later after i had washed up.  “Thank you, Madame” i happily replied, sensing that she was in a good mood and that we might have some special time together.

Once the dishes were dried and put away and the kitchen was all neat and tidy, i reported back.  Madame had picked a program to watch, however she wanted me to give her feet a pedicure and massage.  i was in heaven.  First i soaked and scrubbed and then licked and sucked until her feet were lovely and clean.  Then i was told to apply nail polish to her lovely toenails, a rich burgundy colour – not to my tastes i admit, i’m a simple bright red girl when it comes to nail polish.  After a second coat had fully dried, i spent the rest of the time until her program finished massaging her feet.

Then it was time for bed.  Madame had a hot shower first to relax her while i put away the pedicure things and again tidied up her clothes and got ready for bed as well (simple pink nightie). Would i get lucky?

Just as i was about to ask if Madame required any oral pleasure she told me that this morning had been good, but not long enough and that i was to be a good girl and get back to licking her pussy or anything else she might provide.  Oh my, i was indeed, very, very lucky.

Madame just relaxed as i let my lips, tongue and mouth worship her pussy until she had one orgasm, another orgasm, a third orgasm, and... Oh i was so excited.  i wish i could have one to.

Madame turned over and raised her bottom up by dragging her legs under her, spread so her bottom cheeks parted and let me glimpse her rose bud.  i knew she expected me to kiss it, but not just a light kiss, little flick with the tongue or even a French kiss, she expected a good old fashioned snog.  So i did, revealing in worshipping her most divine orifice as if i had just made first base with my childhood sweetheart and we were making out for the first time.  Oh my, i was in heaven snogging my wife’s arsehole.

“Enough!” Madame commanded or more correctly purred.  “Time to go to sleep.”  Quickly i rearranged the bed covers and dashed to clean my face and teeth.  i so wanted to cum, but was afraid she would be asleep before i got back.  Snuggling into bed i couldn’t help but ask “Please Madame can i have an orgasm?”  i know i’m not supposed to ask, but i had to.

“Well...” Madame said sleepily.  “You’ve been a very good maid...”  Oh my, she is going to say yes.

“But...” she went on slowly.  “Orgasms are very special.”  Instantly i agreed with her.

“And really dear, only women have true orgasms, naughty boys just spurt and make a mess and i don’t want you making a mess.”

“Yes, Madame” I said dejectedly, trying to hide my disappointment, pouting for all the good it would do me in the dark.  Then i had an idea.  “But Madame, i’m not really a boy.”

“You’re not a man, you mean.” She interrupted, but more playful than sarcastic, i think she knew what i was trying to say.

“Yes, Madame, so maybe as i’m more a girl i can still have an orgasm?”  Ever optimistic.

“Well, let’s think...”  The pause was agonising.  “You are a fake girl, a pretend girl, so, you can have a pretend orgasm.  A fake one!”  Madame was most pleased with herself.  She cuddled into me holding me tight so i couldn’t move.  “Come on Marcia, show me you love me.  Let me know you’re satisfied with our love making by faking an orgasm.  Come on, nobody well know expect you, I will think you’ve cum, I won’t notice the absence of a mess, i don’t mind, plus you won’t have to sleep in the wet spot.” As Madame chuckled and cooed i moaned and groaned and did my best at pretending to have an orgasm.

Madame’s last words as she went to sleep were that pretends are fun and that i must do it more often for her.