Tuesday, 22 October 2013

pet pony for horse play

Riding sub ponies & horse slaves

he kneels naked on all fours, close to My heels. I stand behind him and rest My riding boot on his buttock. I put on his harness and saddle, pushing My heel deep into his flesh as I lean across him to do so. I stand around the back of him, armed with his tailed butt plug. I complete My pet and toy with a horse head hood. I stand astride him with My crop ready, and send one lash upon his buttocks as a warning to who is in charge.
I sit on his back, and lean back his head, and lift up My feet to rest on his buttocks. Both heels dig into his flesh, marking his skin with 2 red arcs from My Heels.
I bring down the crop as I warn him to “Get ready to be ridden.”
I sit on his back, and hold onto the reigns secured to his harness. he carries Me on his back, holding his butt plug in tight, nipple clamps pulling with each forward movement of his front limbs.
I command him to “Stop.” and I climb off. I grab him by the harness and lead him across the room, close to My heels. I lead him to My throne, and have him kneel in front of it, facing to the side.
I sit on My throne and rest My boots on his back.
“Good boy.” I lean across to rub his head with leather gloved fingers. A good obedient pony for riding, sitting on and petting. I nudge his tail with My boot. Yes, it’s still secure, and should remain that way.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

A Quiet Weekend At my Flat

I went to my flat this weekend. I had some business to do in Hull, so staying in Gainsborough was a good option. And of course it gave me the opportunity to unleash tiffani…
I arrived late, and tired; the traffic was just awful. I parked up in the car park under the flats, and taking my bags, I got the lift up to the 4th floor. I walked up to the door, and put the key in the lock……. but it wouldn’t turn. I checked it was the right key, and tried again- nothing. But when I tried the handle, it turned….. Hell, I must have left the door unlocked the last time I was here.
I went in; the lights were on. Something was wrong here. I dropped my bags and walked up to the living room, opened the door and went in.
To my shock, there was somebody sitting on my sofa- an imposing looking, attractive blonde woman, wearing a black skirt and top, smoking, legs crossed, a glass of wine on the coffee table in front of her.
“What on Earth….” I started, but she raised a hand and cut over what I was saying.
“Don’t panic Rob, your wife Anne sent me. She’s asked me to do something for her.”
“What? How do you know Anne? What has she asked you to do?” I frowned, confused.
“It’s simple Rob, here read this.”
She handed me a note- clearly it was from my wife, I’d know her terrible handwriting anywhere.
“My name is Eleanor by the way, but you can call me Mistress.” The lady on the sofa said. And then she kept talking as I read the note. “She found your suitcase Rob, and she’s not impressed. If you don’t do what I tell you to, she’ll expose you to your friends and colleagues, and she’ll divorce you and take your money and business.” The note confirmed it. “And by the way, you are to be known as tiffani from now on… tiffi.”
“But, but, Oh God, how…..what….” my mind whirled and I sat down.
“Stand up tiffani, you haven’t earned the right to sit on a chair. Let me put it simply. Your wife is unhappy with you, and has hired me to turn you into her feminised sex slave and domestic help. And I have a free hand to do whatever I want to you.” ..... continued 
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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Double Domme Sessions

Miss Legs & Mistress Eleanor Double Domme Sessions

Now at the end of Her training, Miss Legs will be available for Double Domme sessions. All applications and requests will be considered by Miss Legs or Mistress Eleanor for Double Domme sessions.
Tribute to be made in advance only for Double Domme sessions. Send your payment via paypal to either Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com or Miss-Legs@Mistress-Eleanor.com
A minimum tribute for these sessions is £250 per 60 minutes.
Miss Legs may see subs on Her own following a Double Domme session, but in the first session She does not see subs on a one to one basis.
Over the next few weeks, pages will start to appear on My website for Miss Legs, including Her personal and biography page, photos, wishlists, items for sale, and a blog.
I will let all visitors to My site have the new information as it is available.
Miss Legs has a very busy few weeks ahead of Her, with all of the planning involved. Her availability will be the same as Mine, and My diary can be found in the usual place. Miss Legs will have Her own diary available when She begins to see Her own subs on a one to one basis.
Photos of Mistress Eleanor and Miss Legs will appear here on this page. Tell us in your application if you wish to request to be shown here on this page in Double Domme Training with Mistress Eleanor & Miss Legs.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Birthday Shoes

Birthday Stilettos

New shoes, size 3, peep toe snake skin leather with a 6 inch heel. Perfect for kicking, trampling, & heel worship.
Kneel down at My heels and beg Me to punish you. Or be My pet, sitting by My heels waiting to be reassured that you are perfectly obedient and My property.
I will push the shiny slippy heel into your mouth, and deep in your throat, fucking your mouth and forcing you to suck like a little slut.
Bow you head low to My feet. Kiss My little toes. Feel the roughness of the snakeskin on your tongue. Lick the soles of My shoes, and slide your tongue all the way up the heel in total submission and Worship.
Shoe Fetishists: Photos sold to order by request. Send Me a tribute for this. Send Me the shoes or boots that will be sure to have you on your knees.
Email requests to: Mistress@Mistress-Eleanor.com