Monday, 26 May 2014

Webcam Sessions & Skype & Yahoo Chat Sessions

I give training to subs, slaves and sissies via webcam on yahoo messenger and skype.
Unless I have already contacted you with instructions on how to proceed with these sessions, follow these rules and instructions. If you do not, you will just get ignored.

In your first message, introduce yourself to Me. Tell Me who you are, your likes and dislikes, and why I should allow you to serve Me.  If I agree to discuss your training needs with you, send Me an initial gift of £10 via Gift Rocket to email address Until I have received this payment, you will not get My undivided attention. you may or may not get a response at all, but if you do I will likely be talking to many people at once. When I have received your initial tribute, the chat should last no longer than 20 minutes. If it runs over time, you will be asked to tribute again, and I will catch up with My waiting messages.

If I agree to a webcam session, you will be instructed to tribute again, in the same way A preview of the gifts I expect to receive for webcam sessions can seen here
A time for the session will be discussed as well as anything you will need to get, do or know for the session, during the initial chat.
If you annoy Me, or persistently try to get My attention for free, you will be deleted and blocked.

1. Add Me on Skype or Yahoo Messenger using address
2. Introduce yourself and tell Me as much information about yourself as you can.
3. Wait for My response. Do not send Me several messages, repeating My name or asking Me if I am there. As soon as I read your message I will respond to it.
4. Webcam communication will not start until after the session details have been agreed.
5. Once a session has been arranged and agreed, there will be no deviating from the agreement. Anything outside of the agreement will result in the session being terminated.
6. I am in charge at all times. If you think anything different and start to dictate the session, webcam will be terminated.
7. Sessions will not run over the agreed time. If you are in a session for an agreed 30 minutes, the session will be 30 minutes, at which time the webcam will be terminated. If the session is not finished, communication will continue using typed messages only. Webcam will only be restarted when a further tribute for webcam time is sent via via Gift Rocket to email address
8. There are no exceptions to these rules, unless you are My owned slave and have had alternative instructions already.

N.B. There will be no sex and no nudity on My part during webcam sessions. If this is what you are looking for, you should go to a camsex site or contact a webcam sex performer.

Skype & Yahoo Chat Sessions & Task Instructions
I will take requests for Yahoo & Skype chat sessions, and give instructions for tasks with future deadlines this way.
As mentioned above for chats to arrange webcam, send Me a tribute of £10 for 20 minutes of My time via via Gift Rocket to email address
Send £20 for 21-40 minutes. Send £30 for 41-60 minutes.

I do not enjoy giving these rules, as the subject of cash should be a minor part of My rules, and I do prefer to deal with slaves on an individual basis. However, there have been so many people wasting My time recently, that I have had to put these in place.
Of course, I have always had to deal with a certain amount of timewasters, as I am sure many others do, but My spare time has decreased and the timewasting arseholes have increased, a lot. I do not know where this sudden influx of timewasters have come from, but hopefully these rules will make them scurry away, back to loserland where they belong.

If you are a loyal regular slave of Mine, you already know what to do.
If you want webcam sessions only as part of regular servitude, contact Me with your application for a complete and varied training package in the normal way, to My email address or

Friday, 2 May 2014

Bondage & Ball Busting (CBT) Session

When he arrives he looks nervous. I hand him the contract and tell him to “Sign it!”
I order him to undress and then “Get to your knees, slave.”
I pace around him slowly, checking his position. Kicking his ankles further apart and grabbing his hair, to push his face down lower.  His whole body is shaking. I press My sole onto his trembling fingers.  As I do so, he moves his head slightly, with a temptation to look up towards Me. I immediately push his head down. “I did not tell you to move. Stay where you are. Quiet and still.”
I lean over him with a length of rope, loop it under his face and tell him to “Open your mouth.” I pull the loop between lips and teeth, before securing it behind his head with a single knot. “Now, bite down on that and get your head right down to the floor.”
I tie the rope next around his wrists. I grab his arms and pull them backwards, forcing him to balance on his knees and his head. I wrap one end of rope around one wrist, and secure it before repeating this with the other end around the other wrist. I then cross his wrists and tie them together, wrapping the rope around tightly several times to be sure that he cannot move.
I then work the lengths of rope down between his buttocks, wrapping each length once around each thigh before securing the rope with a single knot on each side.
Now that he is in position and bound, with a bit of rope between his teeth, partly to help to silence him, and partly for him to bite down to take what is coming to him, I reach for My first weapon.
I start off lightly. There is a 2 hour session ahead, and I do not want to tire My slave too quickly. The endurance of each slave is always put to the test, but even light slaps to the testicles can become painful if the slaps are persistent over a lengthy period. If he has any thoughts of this being easy from the punishment he is about to take, he is mistaken. If a slave requests a session of heavy ball busting, heavy ball busting is what he will get. My slaves always report the satisfaction of bruised blue balls following My sessions.
With My small soft leather flogger in hand, I lift his rear using the rope, and kick his feet even further apart for the easiest access to My target. As I lift him I notice that there is a semi erection, which must be rectified. I decide that the penis is going to feel My flogger as well. The whip will feel most painful wherever the skin is pulled tight, and nothing cures an erection quite like the sting of My flogger as it strikes with speed and force.
I lift one leg over him and sit on him, facing his rear. I pull up on the ropes with one hand, like pulling on the reins of a horse, and draw back My flogger in the other. And down it swings “kscht!”
I do not know if he winced. I had My full weight bearing down on him, so he was rendered motionless, whether the urge to flinch was there or not. Nor did I hear a single sound come from him behind Me. I do not say so, but this pleases Me. I enjoy it when I give pain which is received in silence. I lift the flogger again, and release it downwards with force, a little more force than the last lash, but not too much. I watch as the swift movement makes contact with his balls and the lengths of the tassels continue to travel underneath to make secondary contact with his already shrinking penis. I give him a total of 10 of these lashes, each a little more harsh than the last, before dismounting to fetch the next ball busting weapon.
This time, My leather hand paddle. The leather is soft, but this paddle is stiff, unlike the soft flowing tails of the previous flogger. I use the paddle to pull back on his testicles before pushing his ankles together this time. I am satisfied for now that the offensive, unsightly erection is gone. Now it’s time to start some ball beating. I wonder to Myself how blue I can make them before its time for Me to show him the door. With his buttocks high, ankles and knees together, and his balls trapped between his thighs for Me, I stand behind him and take aim. A more precise strike can be achieved with a leather paddle, or spanker. The hit creates more of a bump than a swish, the light sting of the flogger tails is replaced with the feeling of a full on hit. The feeling is exaggerated by trapping the balls between the legs this way. The first swipe causes his body to react. If they weren’t tied, his instinct would bring his hands down the assaulted area, and his body definitely weakens temporarily at the core. Barely 30 minutes into the session, and his balls are starting to feel the punishment they are receiving. After 3 hits of the paddle, they start to look slightly purple and slightly enlarged. This makes Me smile, and I continue on My mission for blue balls.  10 strikes of the paddle, and I step back to inspect My work. The blood is really starting to flow hard around the beaten area now and there is quite a colour change.
I kick his legs apart again, to allow the blood to flow more freely and to allow the pressure to release. I walk around him, checking the rope and readjusting his position. I stand for a while, with My stiletto heels close to his head. I can hear that although he is not making a sound, his breathing is heavy. I grab the rope at the back of his neck and force him into a more upright position. First I add a blindfold. I want the next thing I do to come as a total surprise to him. It takes his full concentration to keep his balance, especially now he is blindfolded. This should be enough to distract him while I take a short walk to the other side of the training room to collect a few things.
First I add a clamp to each nipple. This is really easy, as his nipples are enlarged and protruding from his torso. They must be sensitive as well, as there is a definite flinch from him this time, as I attach each one.
Then come the pegs. Lots of pegs. I have hundreds, many sizes and made of many materials. Today, I choose wooden ones. I grab his flaccid penis by the tip of the foreskin and pull. Once stretched, I start to attach the pegs. I add about 30 before I am satisfied. he won’t get hard now. I grab his hair and push his head back to the ground. A couple of pegs ping off with the movement. When pegs come off this way, they pinch. It is actually My preferred method of removing penis pegs.

Next, the cane. I part his legs again. his balls, now swollen and purple are an easy target from any angle. The cane supplies a good mix of sensations similar to both My previous ball busting weapons. The thin flexible cane provides the sting, while the shine of the cane snaps and slaps, and the solid material lands a good hard whack.  
“brace yourself, slave. Here come 10 for you.”