Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Mistress Eleanor Trains me For my Owner

It’s 5:30 on a Winter’s evening, and i’m leaving work, catching a bus home,  as usual.  A voice i know comes from behind me, “Hey tiffy, where are you headed?”
i freeze. Only Mistress Eleanor calls me that.  Even my owner calls me “cucky”,  “slave”, or sometimes “sissy slut”  since She turned from wife to Owner.
i turn, fearing the worst, and sure enough, here She is, head cocked, an eyebrow raised, a slight smile on Her face.
“Er, “ i stammer, “i’ m headed home, Mistress,” i whisper.  i glance round hoping nobody from work is witnessing this.
She shakes Her head.
“No, get in the van,” She orders, and points at a Transit van parked across the road, the back doors open.
“My wife will be expecting me,” i start, but She cuts me off.
“No She isn’t.  Never call Her that again, and NEVER argue with Me.  Now get in.”
i’ ve seen that look before, so i cross the road and climb in the rear of the van.  It has one seat with a seat belt on it, And Mistress follows me in and sits down, locking the door behind me.
“Strip,” She commands, so i do, putting my clothes in a box.  Of course i’ m already wearing my chastity device, panties and hold-up stockings under my suit, so i leave these on.
“Kneel,” She commands; i do.  “So I have this letter from Your Owner…. “ She scans down it.  “This is the relevant part, ‘ …. So as I will be away in the countryside for a few days with the two Anderson brothers, I could do with You taking  the sissy away for training……’  And then She goes on to ask for a few specific bits of training.  So welcome to the Short Break from Hell.”
“W W WWhat about work?” i stammer.
“You’ll be phoning in sick. Now kneel down and clean my boots.”
We drive for a while as i tongue the mud of Her boots.  i’ m pretty sure she’s  been walking about in a field on purpose.

We arrive, and now wearing a pair of stupidly high heels i’ m pushed out of the van, and into Her house.
She shows me into a room- it is small with a single bed.  It has no bedding on it, just a bare mattress. The door has been removed.  Some lingerie and a maid’s outfit, and a wig are hanging up.
“Change,” she orders, and i get dressed.
She watches me, and clips a lead to my CB6000s. She walks, and i follow, to a room where i can apply makeup and false, painted nails.
“Come here if You need to freshen up,” She tells me.
“But now, its time to be a maid.  Clean this house. Properly.”
She turns on Her heel and leaves.
It’s around 7:30, and i begin my cleaning.  The house is spotless, but i know better than to skimp- i clean everything, windows, skirting boards, i vacuum, i dust.
i clean the toilets, the sinks.
Mistress inspects.
“you’re getting better at this tiffy,” She says.  “Your Owner will be pleased. 
Now, it’s nearly midnight, and You have a long day ahead of You, so it’s bed.  But you’ll be thirsty.”
i know what is coming, and shortly i am kneeling on the bathroom floor, drinking Her pee through a funnel as it squirts from Her.
“You need to practice hard with drinking tiffy- I don’t want to hear you gagging.”

i sleep fitfully, on a bed with no covers; i hear someone stop outside the door and look in, then go on along the landing

The alarm goes off at 6.   Naturally.
i am hungry, as i had no dinner last night, and only pee to drink.
i rise, dress as a maid, and go to the kitchen.  Where i wait, kneeling.  And wait. And wait.

Eventually She arrives, and allows me some dry toast and a glass of water.  The bread has been deliberately left lying around, and has mould on it.

After i make Her a real breakfast, i am given a new set of clothes- a P.A.s outfit, white blouse, black pencil skirt.
And a large butt plug.  Obviously.
i’ m to answer the phone, and emails, and do some work on Twitter. i’ m informed that i will be working as a P.A. for my Owner in the near future, so i need to practice my skills.
i phone in sick.  i’ m not convinced they believe me.
People call Mistress, but some hang up when they hear my voice.  They don’t want to talk to a man.

The door bell rings.
“Well answer it You pathetic wanker,” She tells me “it’s my 11 O’Clock. And show him through to the equipment room.”
There is a young, girlish man at the door, and His eyes open widely when i answer.  “Come in, please it’s this way.  Don’t worry Mistress Eleanor is here.”
He follows me nervously down the hall, and i leave him.
An hour later, Mistress comes and asks me to join Her.  And, as it turns out, him.  he is strapped to a St. Andrew’s Cross, dressed in lingerie, and made up.
“It turns out that amber here is a lesbian,” She tells me. “And you like girls too don’t you tiffy?”
“Yes Mistress,” i reply, fearing what is about to happen.
“Well she’s just asked if she can have relief, and i thought, ‘Why not?.’  Tiffy can sort her out.  So get on your knees and prove that you can suck like a real sissy.
i kneel down, and suck her sissy clitty…….. i gag a little, but eventually she comes suddenly, in my mouth and on my face.
“Leave us now,” She tells me, and i go back to work.  i know better than to wipe the cum from my face, and it dries there, in streaks.

Later, i am changed into my maid’s outfit, and i clean the house again.
i make Mistress dinner.  She takes the scraps and balances them on the rim of the toilet.  There is a cigarette end that She has just smoked stuck in the food.  And the toilet has not been flushed, deliberately.
i eat the dinner carefully, cleaning the toilet rim with my tongue as well as i can.
Shortly after it is bed time again.

The second day starts the same; early start, mouldy breakfast.
But there is a change of emphasis.  Today i need to improve my cock sucking following “..that pathetic effort yesterday….”
So i kneel, strapped over a bench, and suck a realistic dildo, being told how to suck the balls, lick round the glans.
i’ m allowed a short break, and then put back to the same job, but in a slightly different position.
i quickly find out why.  Mistress fucks my arse with a strap on, while i blow the dildo.  She gives it everything, and i feel like i’ ll be knocked clean out of the straps holding me down.
Apparently as my Owner likes to have two men cuckold me at once She has asked for me to be taught what it’s like to be “spit roasted.”  The answer is painful and humiliating, of course.

Three men are here to session today.  i show two in, but see nothing more of them.
The third is a fat hairy late middle aged man.  Naturally, he’s the one who accepts the offer from Mistress of a blow job from the “stupid sissy slut maid and urinal.”
i get  his pubes stuck in my mouth, but not to worry, because he also gets to piss in my mouth, washing them away. 
i help him dress, and show him to the door.  Even though he’s here for domination, he’s still one rung above me on the ladder of submission.  “Thanks for the blow job you fucking faggoty girly pervert,” he breathes to me as he leaves. “I’ll be asking for you next time i’m here.”  He sneers, nastily, and walks off down the road.
Next time…. Oh Lord.
i have cum and pee on my blouse now.  But my makeup is immaculate, because i know that i must re-apply whenever it’s needed.

Then i get a bit of CBT. Nothing special.  Candle wax.  A couple of knees to the balls.  Nettles.  Lots of nettles, all over my balls, and pushed through the CB6000s onto my cock.
It stings.
Under the balls seems to hurt worst, although i have my nipples attacked with them too, and then some are shoved up my arse, which is already stinging from my rogering.

i prepare a meal for myself under direction.
There are a number of tins with no labels, and i have to pick 3.
Two are easy to recognise.  Tinned peaches and spaghetti.  The third is harder to work out, but it’s some kind of meat, and by Her evil grin i’ m guessing it was meant for a hairy pet of some kind.
As usual, it’s one pot cooking, stirred all together, then eaten directly from the floor.  i do my best to clean the floor with my tongue, but eventually i have to get a mop.

Some deportment training follows.
i walk up and down the hallway and front room with a book on my head, practicing my hip swaying.  Every time i lose the book i get caned on my bare backside.  After an hour it’s red raw, and painful.  Just a touch hurts, and i find myself close to tears.  Must be the hormone pills.

Then i just have to stand in my French outfit, holding a sign that reads “Maid station Number 1.”
It seems like forever. 
Then two of Mistress’s men friends turn up.
She asks them if they want blow jobs, but they say that they’re not gay, so instead they have a beer, and stand around calling me names, “fucking little queer,”  “sissy cocksucker,”  “slutty wanker,,,” and so on.  They allow me to serve them beer, and one laughs that “she makes a good waitress, I’ll give her that.  The stupid little bitch.”  i could cry.  Really.

They leave, but are replaced by three female friends of Mistress, asked round specifically for tea.
i serve them drinks and cake.
i am allowed a drink of tea made in a shoe, and a small piece of cake, mashed up and spat on, loudly and repeatedly by them all.
And then, as the evening wears on, and they prepare to go, Mistress suddenly brandishes a key.  And undoes my chastity, which is a surprise.
i am given a wine glass with a little water in it, and to the general jeers and encouragement of Her friends i wank into the glass.
“Drink, drink, drink,” they chant, and as i swallow the lot, they cheer, and a couple of them take photos with their mobile phones.  “Straight on Twitter with that,” one says.
They leave, and i clear away the tea things.  i imagine it’s time for me to clean the whole house again.
But no.
“Follow me,” She commands, and we go out into the darkness. i’ m pushed into the back of the van, ball gagged, tied up, blindfolded, and left alone.
The van drives for a while and then stops.
The doors open, and my bonds and gag are removed, the blindfold remains.
“Out.” i’ m half pulled, half shoved out of the van, and i find myself standing on a hard surface.
“Wait,” She says.
i hear the van start up
“Bye.  Say Hi to Your Owner for me,” She says through the open window of the van as it drives off.  i panic, and rip off the blindfold.  i am on the street outside my house, dressed as a maid, in impossibly high heels.
i totter as fast as i can up the path, trying to ignore whichever neighbours i can see coming along the pavement.  As i reach the front door i catch a peek through a crack in the curtains.
My Owner is on the sofa, being fucked hard by one of the Anderson brothers.  The other one is sitting in a chair, naked, drinking a can of beer.
But the neighbours are almost at my house, and i dare not look round in case we make eye contact and recognise each other.

i have no option.
i open the front door and totter in; in the front room my Owner is gasping rhythmically while the stud on top of her grimaces and thrusts harder.
The man in the chair grins at me.  “About time you got here.”

Another long night i think.