Friday, 18 April 2014

your PVC Fetish Mistress

I love to wear My PVC playsuit from My wishlist from one slave during a session for another. I enjoy the reaction I get from the purchaser of My new outfit when they see Me showing it off to another slave. My shiny patent stiletto shoes have the perfect pointed toe for kicking, a smooth finish, perfect for licking and a spike heel to be forced into My slave’s mouth. I may allow him to kiss them if he shows the effort to get them clean and does not let out a single murmur from My kicks to his balls. Any complaints at all from him, and it's not just My stiletto heels he will be receiving. My flogger is warmed up and ready to make contact with some pathetic slave butt.
Apply for a session appointment or for online training via My websites.
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Friday, 11 April 2014

My Rules, My Way

Here are some basic rules that even the most stupid of you can understand. This is how you should conduct yourself at all times. This is what I consider good manners. Anything less will not be tolerated and will likely get you dismissed or ignored. you should take care to follow these rules at all times. These things are the very least I expect from My slaves, subs, sissies and losers.

Rule number 1. you should address Me as Mistress at all times. Note that Mistress should be typed with a capital ‘M’ at all times. I am not your babe, or your hun. In fact I am not your anything until I have decided, and then I am only your Mistress. you will also refrain from addressing Me as Beautiful, sexy, hot stuff or any other address that I consider disrespectful. I am Mistress always, whether I am your Mistress or A Mistress who you wish to submit to and serve.

Rule number 2. I am in charge at all times. you may make requests, and I may consider them, but ultimately all final decisions rest with Me.

Rule number 3. If for any reason you wish to leave My command, a proper request should be sent to Me in writing. It is bad manners and unacceptable to just stop responding to Me. The amount of you who think you can disobey Me and disappear for a while, and then reappear some weeks later is actually unbelievable. No, you may not come and go as you please. you are here for My entertainment, not I for yours.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Friday Rant....

Right, you bunch of weak, pathetic imbeciles, it is Friday, this message is to every one of you that I have dealt with this week.
As I mentioned the other day, I have been extremely busy this past few weeks, with My owned slaves and in sessions with new slaves, subs, masochists. This busy period, as well as some enjoyable sessions, has included some very disappointing communications. I would say I have dismissed more of you from My command this past week than I have ever before. Maybe it’s something in the water.
I am not saying that I never encounter timewasters. Of course I do, daily. This week however has left Me frustrated, as every new contact has set out to waste My time and annoy Me. you will be well aware if you are one of these, as you will likely have been told precisely what I think you. If you have been too obvious in your quest to waste My very valuable time though, you will have been simply ignored altogether.
I take on new subs all the time, and I am a very patient Mistress. I make certain allowances with subs new to Me, and even more so with subs new to the scene altogether. However, this should not be an open invitation for you to take the piss. I will know, and unless I am getting some kind of fun out of taking the piss back at you, you will be ignored from the first email you ever send Me.
Some annoying traits that you should note to not indulge in are; bad manners, ignorance, bad communication, disrespect, empty promises, late homework and tasks.  These are generally things that have irritated Me this week, but there are many other, more specific things that you have done to displease Me.
If you introduce yourself to Me as submissive, you do not need to have had any experience with a Mistress or a Domme to understand that the one basic thing that I expect of you, is the ability to follow a simple instruction.  If you are not able to do this, do not contact Me. I will not be interested in you.
It is a good thing to compliment Me, and to have the desire to worship Me. I may or may not acknowledge your compliments. I may or may not respond to your request to worship Me. Whether I do or not, really depends on you. I get many emails every day. I skim these and respond to the best ones first. If I did not reply to you yet, be patient. If I receive 3 emails from you in 1 hour, this is not a way to impress Me. It does not make Me think that you are more worthy of My attention. It makes Me think either one or all of the following things. you are impatient. you are needy. you do not have the capacity to think of everything you need to say at once, so lack the ability to concentrate. None of these things are what I want from My slaves and submissives. If you do not show Me some evidence that you can offer Me something that I want, I will not consider spending any of My time correcting this behaviour. In short, I can be choosey about who I have serving Me, so why would I choose you.
If in any email after your first contact you type the words “i forgot to mention…” or “sorry but i can’t…”, you will more than likely be ignored too, unless it is regarding something minor and easily forgettable. My website/s give all the information you need to contact Me with everything I need to know. you even get a second chance when I ask you to complete a questionnaire.  Be honest from day one. I respect all hard limits as outlined in early communication. Always. It does not matter what these limits are or why you have them. In most cases I will not question why, but if I do, just be honest.
I always welcome the serious submissive. This does not always work out in the long term, as sometimes a Domme and sub simply are not compatible. However, if from your first email it looks like something positive and enjoyable will happen moving forward, you will have the chance to prove yourself.
If you have read My website, either by telling Me so or by referencing it in some way, you should have no problems when you contact Me. Read it all. It is not that big, and I did not add things there for you to ask Me about them again and again by email.
Here is the address again

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Want to Hear About My Sessions?

I have had a very busy diary for the last few weeks, and in that time I have had some very eventful sessions. As I have been so busy, I have not been able to tell you about them. But I will, if you send tributes making it worth My while.
There were 4 sessions that I know you will want to know about, and another 2 that will only appeal to the lovers of sissification and forced feminisation. I will post these lengthy stories, with My photos, if I receive a tribute of £50 for each. This can be sent collectively, so send your tributes now to hear about My sessions. Email Me at to offer your contribution, and I will reply with payment details.

Update 21 April 2014
I have now received £70.
As promised the first story will appear here shortly
Mistress Eleanor