Monday, 10 June 2013

Financial Domination & Blackmail

Financial Domination with a Money Mistress is a fetish full of sexual charge. Those who see it simply as a cold money transaction misunderstand the essential point that ‘exploitation’ is just as powerful a fetish as say a foot or leather fetish. It is simply that the object of the fetish is focussed on giving; on exploitation; on sacrifice. A money slave, or pay pig, will experience intense excitement and/or arousal in the act of giving money to a Domme. This comes from the feeling of powerlessness, of being exploited, of being so completely captivated by a Domme that the slave will give and give and give to experience that feeling again and again.
The Tribute itself can be in the form of a present, money paid direct into a bank account or to the open hand. Even a regular Direct debit when a Money slave relationship is well established. What is sometimes underestimated is how powerful the bond between a Money Mistress and a pay slave can be. It is a very personal and intense form of domination, and is typically suited to those submissives seeking a long-term relationship with a dom. They work and earn for her; they labour to make Mistress’ life sweet; to afford her luxuries they will deny themselves. These are the pleasures a pay pig can look forward to.
Of course, reciprocation is never direct. The Mistress will not ‘thank’ the slave or be grateful. On the contrary she will take it for granted. But the slave might be allowed a wank or some small titbit of satisfaction, some crumb from the Divine Mistress. If he is married he might be told he can have sex with his wife. Whatever the money slave gets from his Mistress, he will be grateful for it.
So is money slavery purely for those slaves with plenty of cash to splash? NO. What a Money Mistress wants is to know a slave is sacrificing for her. That is, that he is denying himself something, or denying his family, wife and/or children something to give his money to her. The satisfaction for both Financial Mistress and money slave comes in knowing that the slave is scrimping and sacrificing as part of his devotion. Of course sacrifice comes at a different level to different slaves, but it is essential to the intense rush of giving that the amount means something to the slave.
Knowing the Mistress is living a life of absolute luxury while the slave struggles, and suffers in many ways for Her is a large part of Financial Domination. Time and time again he must surrender and give up, so She can live well. Therefore, there is a large contrast between how Financial Mistress and money slave live within this fetish. Some Mistresses will enjoy the slow ruination of the slave, while others drain with a more long-term aim in mind, knowing that a completely ruined slave is useless.
To summarise, Financial Domination is a form of power exchange where the slave gives up his power and money to a beautiful, demanding Goddess. Money is the ultimate power in society today. Money is used to measure individuals. The less you have, the more shame you endure, the greater the sense of powerlessness. The slave gives up his possessions to achieve that sense of humility and devotion to one who, in his own way, he loves and loves absolutely.

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