Sunday, 29 September 2013

Foot slave

he kneels at My feet and I rest My stiletto on his thigh. he bows his head, and I lift My foot and dig the pointed 6 inch stiletto into his left nipple. he unbuckles My ankle strap, and gently rubs My ankle where the strap has been. I grind My heel to guide the rhythm. I give him a sharp jab, and tell him to “Remove it, and place it under My throne.”. he kneels back in front of Me, and I give him My other foot, pushing it into his chest.
With both shoes removed, I push his head down to the ground, and whisper into his ear “Fetch My boots!” he turns and crawls to the far side of the room, where My dirty boots lay in the place where I took them off this morning. he brings them to Me, crawling on all fours, and carrying them in his mouth. “Good boy”.
“Kneel low at My feet and tongue clean them. Do not get the dirt on Me when you put them on My feet.”
he lays them neatly out in front of Me before lowering his head. I sit on My throne, with My crop in My hand, and My feet rested on his back. I watch him clean them with precision, needing to crop his buttocks only when he slows to recover his mouth’s natural moisture. I crop him twice if I spit in his mouth to help him along. I am not always cruel when I see genuine effort.
“That will do. Untie the laces. Put them on for Me.” he struggles a little, weighted down by My legs and My feet. When he is ready, I allow him to lift his head, to lift My foot into the boot. I warn him to “take care and time to make sure they go on My feet properly and smoothly.”
I point My toe and slip My foot and leg into the long leather thigh boot. I push the heel into his chest, just below the nipple. As he pulls on the laces, each release shoves the heel of My boot up and into his nipple. My other foot pins the end of his cock down into his thigh, squashing and stretching the end. The further he works up My boot, the harder the struggle, and the deeper into his nipple My heel goes ……

Monday, 23 September 2013

Useless cunt

peg tortured on his knees to worship

This stupid cunt didn’t think it was enough to have to be named and shamed on My humiliation page. he still persists in being an utterly useless cunt. I have now displayed all of his pictures on a page on his own, as he does not deserve to be on the same page with others. Click here to see what a pathetic little shit he is.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

My Birthday 21st September

Make a note in your diary. My birthday is on Saturday. Send Me a gift of cash, or something from one of My wishlists. Send Me an e-card.
My birthday wishlist will appear on My homepage news next weekend.
Spend 20 minutes thinking about Me on My birthday. Tell Me how you spent this time, perhaps just going about your usual business. But maybe kneel with your head bowed. Maybe in bondage, or wearing your prettiest panties. Eat cake for My birthday, maybe bake the cake yourself. Light a candle. Take a photo to send to Me. I will show the best ones on My pages.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Forced Foot Worship

Forced Foot Worship

The contract is signed. he is Mine. I make him undress and fold his clothes neatly. he kneels naked in front of Me, his little maggot cock starting to grow. This will not do. I put on a hood so he won’t get distracted from his training. I bind his wrists together, and force his head down to the floor. I take a firm grip of My triple leather stinger, and spank him firmly across the buttocks. I can see his full testicles quiver, and I know that his penis is not as it should be.
I drag his body upright, and stand before him. Taking a black rope, I begin to tie his cock and balls. I take the rope over his shoulders to tie his wrists & arms, then his ankles, before finally, tying his still semi erect penis and throbbing balls with the last of the rope. “Head down!” With every inch of movement, the rope tightens. With his head on the floor, I kick apart his feet. “Wider!” I slap his balls with My spanker, even a light slap on his stretched skin makes him wince. Another two harder blows, he cries out this time. I spank his bottom for this.
I sit on My throne in front of him. Pathetic. More training required for this sub. “Now, kiss My feet.” I watch his struggle to get upright enough to reach My feet. I tell him to “Suck My toes.” and force his head down onto them, My toes in his mouth. Struggling to balance in this position, he whimpers as he obeys My orders. I kick his face to shut him up, and rest My feet on his back and watch him trying to impress Me. he doesn’t. he is such a stupid, pathetic little shit. I already know he will need more training, more discipline, more punishment.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My Email Is NOT Spam

I have had several reports back from My subs, that My email is arriving in Junk mail and Spam mail. Due to the volume of emails I reply to daily, My email has been flagged as spam in some email systems. I do not send out spam messages. If you are expecting a reply from Me, and have not received one, check your Spam emails for My reply. Add My email address to your list of safe addresses in your address book, or to your white list.