Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Year's Message

As 2013 ends, it is the perfect time to reflect of the past year, and plan for the incoming new year.
subs, slaves, sissies, this is My new year’s message to you.
Have you been as submissive as you have promised Me? Have you let Me down?
Have you thought of approaching Me, but failed to do so?
Think on these things, and work to improve next year. Train hard and earn the reward of some of My attention.
Have you been a good slave? Hard working and attentive to My requirements? Are you sure you are giving all that you can? There is always room for improvement.
2014. A new year. Think about how you will spend your time this year.
Be happy in obedience. Welcome a submissive new year.
Mistress Eleanor

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas slave

I woke up late. 10 am Christmas morning.  I am well rested and ready for the day. I go downstairs and into the training room. Good, he is awake. Silent and kneeling in the cage, waiting for is first Christmas day instruction.
I unlock the cage door and tell him to “Get out and fill Me a bath.” I also give him instructions on the clothes I am to wear today. I take a seat and listen to him hurrying around upstairs. he knows very well that he must hurry as I want My cup of tea.
I take the hot tea from him, and rest My feet on his back. Sipping My tea I tell him what I will have for breakfast. Fried bacon, poached eggs and pureed baked beans.
First, My bath. he takes My robe and assists Me into the bath. he wets My hair and adds shampoo. he rubs Me with a soapy flannel all over, and uses a soft brush on My nails. After carefully rinsing My hair, he adds conditioner. After dutifully making sure I am comfortable in the bath, he fetches My creams and make up for application, and My clothes.
Clean, dry, creamed and dressed, I lead him downstairs. I demand more tea to drink as I wait for breakfast. The crushing of baked beans with a tea spoon will take some time, and I get bored easily.
he hands Me My plate of food, and kneels on all fours in front of Me. I place My breakfast on his back, and eat. I cut off the excess white from the egg, and the fat from the bacon, and scrape the food from My plate onto the floor in front of him. I will allow him to eat the scraps from the floor when I am finished.
“Now, as it is Christmas, I want you to be decorated. Stand up and fetch Me that box.”
I kick his legs apart and reach for the first of the tinsel. I start to wrap it around his penis. Nice and tight, under his testicles and to the top of his penis. I laugh. I grab for more tinsel, and wrap it from his cock and balls up to and around his neck. I grab his arms, and pull them behind his back. I wrap the together. Then from his wrists, and travel to the front to his penis. I start to hang baubles from the tinsel. I add more tinsel up and down his arms, and up and down his legs. Laughing as I do, he looks completely ridiculous.
“Get down on your knees, you stupid boy. I need to add the sparkle to the top of the tree.”
I grab his hair and begin to twist. I have a big heavy star to add, but it must be secured tight. I clip in the star and switch on the lights. They start to flash red and green. he looks so funny and stupid.
“Don’t drop it. Bend over.” And as he does, I kick him straight in his tinselled balls.
“Thank You, Mistress.” he groans.
"Now take this tinsel and get into your cage. I am going out. When I return, I want to see your cage looking neatly festive."
It is difficult. There is little room now he is bound at the wrist with a star on his head. I kick the cage door behind him, and lock it shut.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Rough Treatment of My Useless Foot slave

Restrained & Blindfolded slave

Bound at the wrists with a silk scarf, the restraint is tight and soft. I order him to shine up My pointed stiletto heels. It look far too easy for him, and this is no fun. I must push his limits. See how far he will go for Me.
I grab roughly at the scarf around his wrists, and add to this some fluffy metal lockable handcuffs. I squeeze them tight around his already crossed wrists, making it impossible to move. his balance will be difficult to find with his wrists so tightly bound behind his back.
he tries to struggle, so I make My way around the back of him, to his upraised buttocks. They are almost begging to be beaten. I take the cane, and order him to count the strikes with Me.
"1, 2, 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!"
The last "thwack!" comes down hard, leaving him with several red stripes across both buttocks.
I watch him struggle as he tries to clean My shoes. I laugh at him. he is so stupid. Unable to keep his balance, he wobbles and shakes with the tension of trying.
I take another scarf and wrap it around his face. he will be able to see and hear a little through the sheer material, but not much. he must concentrate hard to hear My instruction.
At the first mumble of a "Pardon, Mistress?" I bend over and take the back of the scarf.
"I said, lick harder. Lick more. Do not hesitate. Do not stop." and I pull up n the scarf and drop. Using him as a shoe shining puppet. My silly, brainless, dickless, shoe shining puppet. I tug him left, and then right, pull up, and back. I hear him moan as his unbalanced form struggles against the movement. I smile as I watch him. My new toy.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Wishes

xmas giftxmas giftxmas gift 
.... For Me.
Here is My Christmas wishlist. If you have not received specific instructions from Me, you should choose a gift for Me from this list.
There are a range of things for you to choose from for My gift, and there is no excuse for no present this Christmas. I have added gifts from less than £10 up to over £1,000.
you should email Me to tell Me what you have gifted Me with before it arrives.
Click on the present to browse and buy.
your Mistress Eleanor
xmas gift xmas gift xmas gift
Update to this post 7 January 2014
I have updated My wish list today. The presents now take you to My Favourite Things.
Mistress Eleanor

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Toilet Humiliation

her pertty made up face sunk deep into the toilet bowl

sissy toilet training starts with My sissy slave making herself the prettiest she can be. Full lingerie, with stockings, heels and gloves. Hair fixed up and full make up. Then into the toilet for some thinking time. If she has taken her training seriously, the toilet will be already clean, and will not mess up her pretty face and hair.