Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Leather Hand Spanker Paddle

Harsh Mistress in extreme caning session

Kneel down low at My stiletto heels. Head to the ground, knees wide apart.
I watch his naked form fidget and squirm, lower than My boots. With My leather paddle, I spank his buttocks, and warn him to be neat and tidy, still and quiet. Seen and not heard if he is obedient, not seen or heard if he is not. I tell him to “Kiss My leather boots. Let Me hear only the sound of the kisses. I want to hear no other sound.” After several moments, he lets out a sigh. Be it pleasure or for some other reason, I do not care. I said no sound.
I bring down the paddle, and it slaps into his skin. “Kisses only!” And I bring it down again.
I tell him to kiss My boots, all the way up. Up past My knee, up to My thigh. “Keep your hands to the ground.” I want to see you stretch up. I want to see the effort of worship. Only with your lips, “Keep your eyes to the ground.”
I lift up My boot, and push the sole into his face. “Now suck the heel, like the dirty little sucking slut that you are.”
I force My heel deeper into his mouth, making him feel the full 6 inches slide across his tongue. A little gag, that he manages to hold back. I hold up My spanker, ready for punishment. I want to hear no more gagging, and vomit must be avoided, or re-consumed.
“Stop!” And I push his head back to the ground with My right boot. “Kiss My Boot” As he kisses My left boot, I kneel on his shoulder with My right knee, lean over with My paddle, and lay down a blow for every kiss.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Task for My Current & Potential subs

I will be publishing a new page soon, dedicated to Humiliation. There will be information about the fetish, and pictures of My subs, in humiliating positions. I will also list here all of My subs’ misdemeanours, for all to see. Any useless little shit that has wasted My time will also be named and shamed on this page.
If you have not written to Me yet, because you are so unworthy of My time, follow this task so I can decide on a suitable discipline. Ask yourself, what is the most degrading and humiliating thing that could happen to you? Realise that you deserve nothing less.
Then do one of the following:
Option 1 - Put yourself in this most humiliating position for Me, and write to Me at subs@Mistress-Eleanor.com Include photos of your encounter with such humiliation in your message.
Option 2 – Think of being humiliated and degraded at My hands. How low will you be forced to go? How do I make you feel? Write to Me at subs@Mistress-Eleanor.com with a full and detailed description of this fantasy.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

sissy girl in Bondage

After reading my task concerning putting myself in such a bondage position, i was excited to start combining the two phases. i didn't fore see the spreader bar being any more of a problem, than the rest of the task.
As i hooked the bar to my feet, i was feeling like this was going to be harder than i realized, but i am devoted to Mistress Eleanor, and did not wish to disappoint Her. Almost immediately, i could feel an uncomfortable pressure on just my right foot, slightly below my right ankle. While it was uncomfortable at first, the level of discomfort grew in just a few minutes until there was quite a bit of pain involved. If i took weight off of my right foot it felt better, but the pointing of my toes in the heel, along with the side loading of my ankle hurt no matter what i did.
The actual wearing of the bar did not cause me too many issues, as i could keep my balance without swaying around too much. All without devoting too much concentration, and being allowed to keep my thoughts on Mistress Eleanor, as instructed.
i soon realized that it was going to be almost impossible to keep the bar on for the full 90 minutes, but tried to hold out as long as possible. After about 15 or 20 minutes,(don't know as i was blindfolded) the pain was growing. i could think of nothing but how much my foot hurt. understanding that this was not what Mistress Eleanor wanted from the experience, i decided that i must remove the bar. i bent over, unhooked one clasp, and put my feet together. The relief from the pain was almost immediate, and was able to finish the rest of the task as instructed.
Posted by amber 10.08.13 15:00
Carefully timed discipline will heal these problems with the proper dedication and concentration from the right willing sub. Progress shall be shown here soon.
Mistress Eleanor
10.08.13 18:30

Friday, 9 August 2013

Bondage & Discipline for sissies

Harsh Mistress in extreme caning session

Difficulties arise that must be overcome when undertaking combined training for feminisation/sissification and Bondage and Discipline. The sub must remain sufficiently girly, in lingerie & heels, whilst being restrained in bondage. Applying pretty lipstick, just before having a ball gag thrust into the mouth, wearing a blindfold over fresh eye liner and mascara. These are minor points to consider, that require practical training to overcome.
A more difficult problem is the use of ankle restraints and ankle spreaders while wearing heels. Full time sissy girls have the advantage of being better balanced in heels, through continued wear. Part time sissy girls pay the price for the breaks in their sissy lives. With steady and regular training, there is no reason why any sissy, of any age, size, or experience level, can’t learn the techniques required, to balance in heels, blindfolded, wearing an ankle spreader bar, for any period of time required. Even long periods in bondage will begin to take less concentration on the technique, allowing sissy girls to become real girls in the mind, and eventually entering into deep sub space.