Saturday, 13 May 2017

My New Only fans Page

I have started adding My photos to Only fans. you can view My page here.
I will add one of My photos to My Onlyfans page everyday, along with a task for you to complete.
Prove your submission to Me. Join today to start straight away, work hard for Me and show humility.
Good subs and slaves will receive great reward.
Anything less than good, will receive punishment as My response.

 Mistress Eleanor - Only fans

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Quiet Blog

I've been so busy with My current slaves since My recent holiday, I've neglected a few online things, such as My website, My blogs and My twitter.
I have been looking in on Twitter most days, and replying to the least pathetic of your begging emails. The rest of you, I simply have not had the time to waste on you. My online slaves in training have been kept busy, and kept Me amused.
Thank you to My current owned slaves, for being loyal stayers. The last 12 months has renewed My faith in decent slaves' existence, following a rather long spell of online timewasters.
It always pleases Me to hear from decent slaves, offering their services, time and money to Me.

I will update My blog soon with what I have been doing over the past few months. I have been collecting photos and making notes on some of My sessions, real time and online, for My own pleasure. I will share some of these with you when I have the time, and the inclination, to do so.

Mistress Eleanor

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Kneel. Bow. Worship. Serve. Obey

Commanding and in control of you; mind, body, soul. I own all of you. your body, your mind, your heart. you cannot help but obey Me, always.
Kneel at the high stiletto heels of My thigh high leather boots. Be silent as you wonder if I will allow you to breath in their scent, perhaps even give them a little kiss. you tremble in anticipation, knowing I could crush you with My long heels, pierce you with the spike heel.
My skirt is short, My corset tight and low, you want to look, but dare not move, as you have been instructed to be still and remain silent.
And then, "Crack!" you remember, My long leather whip.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Worship

After spending some weeks training a new slave online, I felt it was time to meet for a session to further it's training.
I do enjoy relaxing on a Sunday, so I arranged a session for Sunday afternoon, where I should relax and be pampered, and entertained by humiliating My newest little pet, severely.
Today started off well, Miss Legs and I went for lunch, driven to and paid for by My loyal slave, dogshit_v011. Very relaxing. Very enjoyable. Fuelled and ready for a fun afternoon.
A feeble "Knock, knock!"
And the sight I saw as I opened the door, disgusted Me way more than is usual when greeting a new one at the door.
High as a kite. Unacceptable.
I am always above you. I took the blank envelope, and slammed the door shut.
your continued knocking and phone calls were in vain. Miss Legs and I spent the afternoon being entertained by another loser online.
your final email from Me should be in your inbox by now. It did not take long to write to you, although I think Myself generous, as "fuck off!". Is 2 more words than you deserve.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year

I wish all My slaves, subs and other blog readers a happy and kinky new year.
I look forward to spanking some of you this year. I have many new tasks for My slaves, new and old, and will be having lots of fun humiliating you all. 
I have just purged a whole load of My slaves from last year, and as always, have space in My life for new online slaves. Send your application to Me via My website (link on My blog on the right). Make your application a good one, or I will probably just delete it from My inbox. 
Both My websites will be undergoing some changes this year. Details of the main changes will be on My blog as they happen. 
January looks busy already, but as often as possible, more of My personal items will be available for purchase. New items will be blogged about as they become available for sale. 
2017 will be an excellent year, maybe you will be lucky and useful enough to share it with Me. 
Mistress Eleanor