Sunday, 13 November 2016

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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Humiliated, Serving The Boss

I was very lucky to secure the job in the small local office. I figured that it would only last as long as the mature age employment subsidy, but it gave me a chance to prove myself. The Office Manager, or Boss as she liked to be called, was Ms Eleanor Mills and I must say she was very attractive and very smart. As the junior, or "boy" as she called me, she immediately put me in my place. I was the hired help, the Girl Friday as she called my position, and that my casual, part time arrangement would last only as long as I was helpful.

The clerical duties were simple, somewhat repetitive as you'd expect, but well thought out and documented so I picked things up quickly. I hoped I was doing a good job, the Boss never said anything, but she'd only had to correct my work a few times and she'd increased my hours. As I sat directly outside her office, with my back to her door, it was easy for her to observe my work. It also meant I felt a bit like her secretary and some of my duties included running errands for her and making semi-personal calls, you know, like picking up her dry cleaning and booking appointments at the hairdressers and nail saloons. I did say she was attractive, didn't I? She was actually drop dead gorgeous. I felt like swooning each time I saw her.

In her office she had a deep pink rug under her desk and I'd noticed she liked to slip off her shoes and rub her feet through the softness of the rug. She'd noticed me looking at her feet. I was intrigued by her anklet, it looked expensive. Of course I was always quick to avert my eyes, I didn't want this wonderful woman to think I was a pervert or anything.

One day, and it was a Friday, the Boss called me into her office. It was getting late and everyone else had gone home and I was expecting her to dismiss me, or worse. Surely not? I'd been at the office less than a month. So I was a bit more nervous than usual. "How can I help you, Boss?" I boldly said in my most cheery voice, trying my best to be encouraging and keen.

"Girl Friday task number 20" Eleanor announced and I knew this was other duties as required. "I need you to book me in for a pedicure and foot massage."

"Yes Boss" and I scurried away back to my desk and started to make the call. It wasn't good. Her favourite salon had already closed and the other two in the area were fully booked with nothing free till next week. Oh dear.

Hesitantly I knocked at the door that said Eleanor Mills, Office Manager. There was a pause while I was kept waiting and then her voice telling me to enter. I gave her the bad news. She was not happy. "Is there anything I can do" I asked. "Not unless you can do a pedicure" she snapped.

Momentarily I went blank, but then I had an idea. "Please..." I started hesitatingly but soon got my confidence. "I can." Eleanor looked at me questioningly. "I can go to the chemist next door" I couldn't help but smile as I realised I could easily get everything I needed. Eleanor smiled too "A cleaver Girl Friday." I blushed and muttered I'd be quick. "You better be" she laughed. I foolishly stood there, not knowing how to ask the most important question. "Well go then" she said, her patience clearly having limits. "Excuse me, Boss, but what colour would you like?" "Surprise me."

A challenge. I knew I had to be quick so I couldn't spend too much time. I decided to go with a colour I would like: butter LONDON Pillar Box Red nail polish. I hope the Boss likes it too. That part over I pick out the other items needed for a pedicure. A sales assistant approaches me and I accept her help, probably getting up sold in the process, but it makes things quicker and I'm less likely to miss something out. I probably get a few thing too many as I soon need a basket. Initially I thought the foot bath was unnecessary, but then I realised I would need something to wash the Boss' feet in. From there I realised I would need a towel and foot scrub solution of some sort. The assistant told me I would need polish remover and then a base coat and a top coat. She looked at the polish I had picked out and asked me about it. I said I liked the colour and she just said "Oh". After that she had me add nail clippers, nail files, foot file and a variety of lotions. I was getting worried about the time and the cost so I just agreed to everything she suggested, hoping that I would know how to use them.

The Boss was on the phone when I got back and so I busied myself getting some warm water and reading about the labels. Eleanor was obviously enjoying her call, it seemed to be about someone's sex life. "Lovely talking to you, Kaye, I'll send him home as soon as he's finished. We must talk again soon, ... over coffee... lunch... sounds good. Bye." A shiver ran up my spine. Surely Eleanor wasn't talking to my wife?

"Ready, Boss?" I tentatively asked. "I need to remove your existing polish first please." She looked at me and indicated for me to get under her desk. It was a bit awkward, but it meant she could keep on working. She'd kicked off her shoes and her bare feet were there before me, closer than I'd expected due to me cramped position. There was a fragrant, almost heady aroma and I breathed deeply to savour it and also to calm myself.

Cotton-balls and polish remover worked a treat. Next was the foot bath. As I crawled back with it Eleanor told me to stop, stay there. All I could see was her feet and the bottom of her grey leggings. I must of gasped when I saw the leggings come down and off. "Takeoff my anklet and be careful with it." "Yes Boss" and my trembling fingers found the catch. "Pass it to me, boy." I looked up and could see her hand as well as her bare knees. As she reached down her knees parted slightly and her thighs became visible and I tried to sneak a look up her skirt, but it was too dark. I felt guilty for trying to invade her privacy and was determined to make up for it by giving her the best pedicure I could.

Gently I placed Eleanor's lovely feet, now free of polish, into the foot bath and I added the foot scrub and scent and started to rub her feet. I spent a good amount of time massaging her feet and didn't stop until she told me that was enough.

After drying her feet I carefully trimmed and filed her toenails and used the foot-file on a few rough spots. Next I applied a base coat and then crawled out. Would the Boss be pleased with my choice of polish colour? Best ask before I apply it.

"Excuse me, please Boss" "What is it?" I held out the colour I had selected. "Is this okay, I... I wasn't sure." "It'll do fine, it was close to what I had on, how very observant of you." It was almost as if Eleanor giggled and I blushed and took the polish back and crawled back under her desk. The time had been well spent as the base coat was now dry.

Once I had the gorgeous red polish on her toes and blew on the gently to help dry them. My lips were very close and I was tempted to kiss her feet, but was worried I would smudge the polish. That would never do.

I applied a second coat and again blew gently on Eleanor's lovely toes. The cotton wool I'd placed around her toes kept them spread and I found it quiet erotic to look at her toes, spread before in their seductive red polish.

Eventually it was time for the top coat and then removing the cotton wool after a final blow job on Eleanor's ever so cute tootsies. I was feeling quiet dizzy and confused and very excited as I massaged lotion into my Boss' feet as I finished her pedicure. I didn't stop until she told me.

As I went to crawl out she told me to stay where I was. I watched as she put her leggings back on and then her anklet. Finally she slipped on her heels and told me come out.

I stood there before her as she looked at me, her eyes penetrating. I looked down at her feet. All I could think was did I do okay? Please say something...

"Eh, please..."

"What is it? Forgot something?" I was suddenly frightened.

"Thank you for letting me give you a pedicure, Boss."

Eleanor smiled and said "You're welcome." After a pause she added, somewhat seductively  "Anything else?"

"Please Boss, may I kiss your feet?"

I blushed and feared I had said the wrong thing, but she gave a sly smile. "Okay."

I felt I had died and gone to heaven.

Kneeling, I bent and delicately kissed each foot, being careful to kiss, not slobber. After doing this, and still on my knees I looked up at Eleanor. She was looking down at me "You may go now."