Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Birthday Photos

Set of 5 Photos of Me wearing gifts from My slaves for My birthday, including items from My wishlist.
These photos will be sent to your inbox, so be sure to include your email address when purchasing this item, or I won't be able to send them to you.
The photo from this for sale item is not included in the set, although if you want this photo, you should tell Me when you purchase this item so I can include it.
I have received clothes, shoes, underwear, make up and some fetish items.
To have an item you have purchased, or only items you have purchased, Click on the photo to visit My wishlist, buy Me a gift, then email Me at to request your photos.

Send no less than £5.00 to Me via Gift Rocket or Amazon Gift Certificate (U.K. GBP) using email address or ask for My Paypal or Payoneer details.

Have Adultwork credits? Click this link to see this, and My other items for sale on Adultwork.

I have 25 photos in total, with more items from My wishlist on the way.

Buy 2 sets of 5 photos and receive a free Birthday task (optional on request)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fund My Day

Today is going to be a very busy and expensive day for Me. I am meeting Miss Legs for a late lunch soon, and then We are going shopping. We already have a slave to carry Our bags, and will be spending tributes from slaves. Do you think We have enough money to spend? Of course not. We love shopping and We love it even more when you are paying.

Tonight We are going out for the first of My birthday nights out. We are meeting Miss Anna and Mistress Clare at 7 o’clock to eat at 7:30, then We are going for drinks and then a club to dance off Our meal until the early hours.

Fund My day and night out. Send Me money via giftrocket or email Me for paypal details. I will share pictures of what I have bought and some from Our night out with anyone who sends a cash tribute. My email address is

My birthday is next Sunday, 21 September. There are still items on My wishlist that I want to receive for My birthday. Here is a link to My wishlist .

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

It won't be long until it is My birthday, and I am getting in a happy mood for it now.
I have set a number of birthday tasks for My slaves. Some have been utterly pathetic efforts, but I do find it very amusing when you are utterly useless lol.
A few tasks have been carried out very well, being both humiliating and painful. I love to see subs try hard to please Me, grovelling and squirming to keep Me amused.
Light My candle so that I can blow it out and make a wish. Or maybe I won't blow out the flame, so that I can laugh at you suffer with every drip of the wax.

Send Me a cash gift for My birthday via paypal, payoneer, gift rocket or amazon gift certificate to receive your task. I want a minimum of £5 for each of My special birthday tasks.
These tasks will not be available after 20 September.
Send your request for a task and My payment details to

Humiliation Tasks

I have written some brand new humiliation tasks leading up to My birthday. I want to make a birthday page and these tasks will make My page awesome and amusing, and Me very happy.

you do not have to be My owned slave or be training under Me to apply for these tasks. you must NOT be owned by another Mistress.

There are 30 tasks available. you may apply to complete one or more, or all of these tasks.
I expect to receive a minimum of £5 via gift rocket and amazon gift certificates for each task.
My email address for these, and your application is
you can send Me a birthday message to the same email address on 21st September.
When I have received your gift and your application I will send one task to your inbox. The deadline for all tasks are 20th September.
I will accept some other methods of receiving My tribute, ask Me.

These tasks are separate from any other training, and will not be available after 20th September.