Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Worship My Leather Boots

"Now, you are going to worship My boots. Down on your knees, head down. Kneel in silence while I put on My leather boots." I pull on the first of My leather knee high boots, pull up the zip, and move My foot around in a circular motion, so that My foot sits snuggly and comfortably inside.
"Are you ready to worship My boots, slave?" I point the toe, and stand on one booted foot as I pull on My other boot. I pull up the zip, wiggle My foot and stand, booted feet apart in front of My pathetic kneeling sub.
"Don't take your eyes from My boots. you are hypnotised by My heels. Watch the leather crease as I walk around you."
I walk away from him, and then back to him.
"Keep your eyes low. Now kiss them. Don't get them wet. you may polish them with your tongue later. Be patient."
I lift up one leather boot, and push it towards My sub's face.
"Start at the toes, and kiss them. All the way up to the top. Then, kiss them all the way down. Kiss the heels."
"Keep your hands behind your back. I did not say you could touch them with your filthy fingers. Lift your hands again and I will tie your wrists behind your back."
I watch him as he shows love for My leather boots, occasionally instructing him, and reminding him of the standard of worship I expect from him.
"Stop! you are enjoying that a little too much. Get back into position, and wait for My boots to be offered to you again."
I wait for 20 seconds, which must feel longer to him, and he waits in silence with him head down low.
"Now lick them. Lick the heels. Make them shine. A vigorous tongue polishing is what I want. Lick the toes, buff them up, then work on My legs."
And up he goes, as I offer him one boot at a time to work on. Working them from the bottom up. I occasionally have to chastise him for missing a spot, or getting too keen and getting out of his proper position.
"Lick them underneath. He soles need to be cleaned. I cannot walk on dirty shoes."
I push the rubber soles of My boots, one at a time, into his face.
The soles are slowly cleaned up by My sub's tongue, and I spank him for his lack of speed and attention to detail.
" Do they look polished and buffed to you, slave? They don't look very well shined to Me."
"Get down into position, and watch them. Do not lift your eyes above My boots."
I walk around, parading My leather boots in front of him.
"I can see you want to lick them. you had the opportunity to prove your worth as My shoe shine sub, and you have failed Me. Now, turn around and brace yourself. you are about to feel the damage My boots can do."
I watch him shuffle around, so he is facing away from Me, his pastey, skinny buttocks up high, awaiting his precious kick.
"Think of this kicking as a gift, for which you will thank Me, slave."
I deal him a blow with the full force of My powerful legs.
"Thank You, Mistress."

Saturday, 25 May 2013

slaveboys guide to surviving chastity

i don’t yet have a lot of experience with BDSM activities and so i very much still consider myself a newbie. And i’m good with that. But the more i read on chastity forums and groups, i think i qualify for at least the rank of novice when it comes to chastity. The difference of course is the 24/7 nature of it. i believe my chastity training has crossed into a relatively advanced level and so i have learned some helpful tips for not just surviving it but enjoying it and getting the most benefit from it.
First and foremost, “the honor system” is bullshit. Not one single man with a functioning cock will obey the honor system. Sure, you’ll read all about on chastity forums. i’m here to tell you there is no such thing as it pertains to chastity. we will wank. Daily. If not more so.
my first session with Miss Mia Fallon was January 9 and it was pure magic. O/our next session was January 26 and that was the first day She locked me in chastity. First lock-up was 22 days and then because i had a business trip out of town, Mistress let me out of the cock cage for the next 10 days until O/our next session. And that’s when this got real…
From February 27 straight through until this moment, i have been continuously locked up with the exception of two 1-hour sessions with Mistress in which She kindly allowed me “release” before locking me back up and sending me on my way. That’s 10+ weeks, something that wouldn’t be possible (or sanitary) in a plastic chastity device but i’ll get to that a little later.
Here are some rules i try to live by:
#1 – Be grateful!
Many boys fantasize about chastity while they wank. Only a lucky few get to experience it. Be grateful for the privilege.
#2 – Never ask for “release”
Walk the walk. This is consensual. You signed up for giving Her control. Don’t be disrespectful and selfish by asking for Her to let you jerk off.
#3 – “Release” is not reward
This is important for a couple of reasons. First, if you go into this with the attitude of “i’m going to behave so Mistress will eventually let me jerk off”, you are approaching this from the mindset of a child (i.e. do your homework and then you can watch TV). Good boy, here’s a cookie. The second problem is that if you end up locked up for extended periods of time, you may begin to lose perspective on the nature of what a reward should be. And believe me, “30 seconds of glory” isn’t really where you want to hang your hat when it comes to reward. For me, spending extra time with Mistress is my reward. It really is a wonderful treat when She allows it.
#4 – Buy the right cock cage
i suppose the CB-xxxx or other cheap plastic devices can work as long as your key holder allows you to remove the device frequently for cleaning and grooming. If not, forget it. It isn’t possible to maintain good hygiene while locked in a plastic chastity device for any significant length of time. Beyond that, with so many parts, you are bound to get skin pinched on various places you’d rather it not happen and those thick plastic rings will chafe your skin substantially, even with lube.
You can buy a custom-fit, steel cock cage from MatureMetal for about the price of two CB-6000 devices and trust me it is worth it if you intend to take this seriously. Tell them exactly what you’re looking for and ask questions. They will help you with the sizing. And you really want to get it right the first time! Also, oval ring instead of round ring. Trust me, it is infinitely more comfortable when sitting.
#5 – Friction is not your friend
Lots and lots of lube. You literally want to apply lube to your entire ball sack, as much of your cock as you can access, and all areas of skin that will come in contact with the device. Before you put on your panties, remember your lube!
And equally important is don’t spend too much time fondling, rubbing, scratching, or otherwise monkeying around with your package. That all creates friction which in turn creates chafing which in turn burns which in turn creates some gnarly looking scabs and skin discoloration.
And most importantly, if you want to limit the burning sensation under your balls when you wake up at 4:00a with your “morning wood” (and you will), apply lube to the underside of your sack before you go to bed. Trust me on this one!
#6 – Spend extra time with hygiene and grooming
You’re a guy and therefore prone to stench by nature. It is difficult to wash your crotch when locked in any device. At least with the steel cock cages, you can access almost everywhere and move stuff around a little to wash what needs washing.
Also, shave your pubes. Easier to keep your junk clean, looks better, and you avoid most of the pinching with any moving parts of the cock cage you choose. The steel devices are only 2 pieces (plus the lock) but without manscaping you may find something getting plucked when you sit down or stand up.
#7 – You will get desperate and it will eventually passThere will be many, many times that you will desperately want out of the cage. Don’t whine to Mistress and certainly don’t take the chastity device off without permission. Instead, find something that you can use to re-channel those emotions. For me, i think of my Mistress saying “good boy” and i just play it over and over and over again in my head because for me, hearing Her say those words can take me to a very happy and peaceful place.
Your cock can swell in the cage and get semi-erect but if sized right, it is half of your normal erect length (or less). You can learn to appreciate that pressure and those semi-erections and in doing so it becomes somewhat cyclical. The longer you go in the cage, the more desperate you get, the more often you will be semi-erect in the cage. USE THAT to re-program your brain. Hearing Mistress saying “good boy” is my trigger. This is pleasing to Mistress, it is pleasing to me. This pressure, this ache is for Mistress. “Good boy” works for me. Something else may work for you.
#8 – 4am isn’t the end of the world
In your first week, you’ll wake up at 4am with a painful half-erection and likely struggle to get back to sleep. It sucks. Maybe try taking melatonin or Tylenol PM for those first few days. May or may not help you actually sleep past 4am.
But after that, you begin to adjust. Sure, there will still be days of excessive 4am ache but eventually you can work through it. For me, i actually enjoy it now. i still wake up every morning between 3:30am and 4:00am but when i do, it’s “good boy”, i smile, roll over, and fall back to sleep until 6:00am.
#9 – Let it make you better
If you go into chastity focused on denial, it is a negative. It is value-dilutive to your life. Harness this new surge of energy (and time) that you’ll have to improve yourself. Porn is useless to you in your current state, focus on learning something, whether kink-related or vanilla. You’ll be surprised what you can do when you no longer have the ability to wank and the subsequent slump of laziness, complacency, and self-indulgence that comes with it. And it can make you a better and more considerate person in the vanilla world as well.
Chastity is a gift, don’t squander it.
#10 – Embrace the suck
Make the cage a part of you. Last week in my session with Mistress, being out of the cage felt strange, like something was missing. When i got back in my car to leave and felt that familiar slide of the panties over my cock cage, that was normal for me now.
Also, if you focus on how much better you feel now that you’re used to being locked up instead of the misery of that first week, do you really want to go back through that? Please just keep me locked up, Mistress.
i have quite a bit of business travel coming up and i really am dreading that first week when She locks me back up. And just as important, i truly believe that i’m a better person in my current state. Now much of that comes from my training program as a whole with Mistress but i can tell you that being locked up makes me feel more focused, confident, and considerate as a leader at the office. i don’t want to sacrifice that by going backwards.
Ayway, i hope this helps some would-be chaste slaveboys. Personally, i have scoured the web and found a ton of fantasy-based material but not a lot of reality-based information on chastity. i can tell you that i’ve never been happier and i believe Mistress Mia Fallon makes me better everyday.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Exercising My pet

After 6 hours of punishment, ignored in his cage, I allow My pet out to stretch his legs, and to drink.
“Stay there while I open the door. Good boy.” I produce the key from inside My corset. The padlock unlocks with a click. “Stay.”
I open the door and beckon him to My heels. He crawls over and kneels low at My feet, head down to the ground. I grab him by the collar, and attach the leash. I walk slowly around the room, and he crawls close to My heels. I lead him to a bowl of water.
“Drink.” I allow him to lap up some water for 5 seconds, before commanding him to “Stop!”
Water drips from his chin, and with his head down, and eyes up, he says “Thank you, Mistress.”
“Lick My boots, don’t get water on them.” And he goes to work, careful not to drip, working his tongue around the leather. Then, I see moisture. “Stop! What’s this?” I point My finger towards the water drop. I grab his leather leash, and give him a swift whip to the rear. “Water. Bad boy. Clean it up.”
I pat his head and stroke his hair when he does a good job, and shows self discipline. When I am satisfied My boots have been polished, I lead him to drink again.
“Now, back to your cage.” We walk back together, he is disciplined in remaining to heel now, and kneels at My feet to wait for his lead to be removed.
“Good boy.” I say, as I do so. I open the cage door, give him a nudge with My toe, and in he crawls, the door closing close behind him.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Discipline For Unruly Children

No naughty little boys, or sissies under My command will get away without punishment. Unruly boys and girls must either learn discipline, or be shown discipline.
I have many ways to teach discipline to naughty boys and girls. From a verbal dressing down, to line writing, and displayed humiliation, like wearing a dunce hat, or displaying a consistent misspelling written on themselves, and more severe punishment of a physical nature, like a smacked bottom, and strikes to the palms and buttocks with a slipper, tawse, wooden ruler, or cane.
Those stupid enough to require My cane on a regular basis, can expect to have their red bottom on display as they continue the lesson. In extreme circumstances, I will dunk students to force concentration.
Should continuous use of severe punishment be required to deal with disobedience, or poor self discipline, students will be expected to either accept a further increase in the severity of the punishment, or be permanently dismissed from My Class.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Hot Wax Pleasure & Pain

On his knees, leaning back, with his ankles and wrists strapped together, I tower above him, holding a long lit white candle. I watch his anticipation, as the candle burns, and the wax becomes hot and fluid.
I quickly flick My wrist, to release a tiny drop. The boiling clear liquid wax drips just below his nipple, turning white again, as it cools and sets solid against his chest. Another flick, shoots him a little higher. The skin is pink from the heat.
I allow the candle to burn a little longer, watching a puddle form around the wick. I tilt the candle, and it pours over his nipple and runs down to a pool in his belly button, before becoming solid. Pink and red streaks show where the wax was hottest. I push My foot into his chest, causing the wax to split and crumble and fall. I pin his penis down flat, and pour wax again. A small gasp and a slight flinch, as it hits his penis, and carries on running, heating his balls and thighs.
I spit on him, and drip the wax on his moist skin. A feint sizzle and the wax solidifies quickly. I release him from My grasp, and dig My heel into his wax encased balls, and watch the wax crack and split.
I push him with My foot, over onto his side. I drip more wax onto the side of his buttocks. It dribbles, first down towards the crack between his cheeks, and then, with a tilt of My wrist, down the front of his hips, down the length of his flaccid penis, and onto the floor.
I push him over again, he is facing the ground, hands behind him, and feet to the ceiling. I fill the deep crevice between his buttocks with hot wax. It slowly drips, sets, filling the gap, with an occasional drip of heat overflowing to his testicles.
I hover the candle above his wrists. The hot wax drips from his wrists, onto his back, creating more red and pink skin patterns, and a pool in the centre. In position above his buttocks, the soles of his feet will feel the most heat, before the dripping wax cascades over his heels, onto his buttocks, to eventually top up the pool in the centre of his back. The hot prickly wax liquid splashes and sprays the skin all over, as the flow quickens.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Leather Bondage Mistress

In a mixture of leather, and leather like clothing and shoes, tight fitting for ease of movement, I await your attention in Training Room 1.
The drapes are drawn back, to reveal to My slave the punishment that could be dished out, should he be disobedient. Ropes, leather and chain bondage await My worthless slut, followed by a generous helping of lashes, to his cock and balls.
First I select some metal cuffs, and he kneels in silence as I fasten his wrists and ankles together, behind his back. I then put on his hood, and order him, “Open your mouth.” So I can place a ring gag between his teeth. This will serve to quiet him, and also provide him with a bit to chomp on while he receives his lashes. There are clamps chained to the gag, which I attach to his nipples.
I fit a leather chastity strap, and tap his genitals with the metal studs on My big heavy heels.
I select a tool, to perform My harsh physical punishment, a riding crop.
I pull hard on the lead, forcing his head down to My knee. I kick his balls with the other foot, take a step back, and pull his head down lower. Now I have him in position, I move around to his fleshy buttocks, and strapped balls. I give him a gentle tap, with the hard cold metal tip of My crop.
“Open your thighs a little wider, feel the metal restraints in your skin.”
I deal a good blow of the crop between his legs. He groans. “Quiet!” I lean over, and grab the nipple chain, and tug twice.
I tap him again. “Now, shhh! Take it quietly.”
The split second warning, that is the swish of the crop, is enough to cause him to take in a sharp, deep breath.

Sunday, 12 May 2013


Bondage is the tying, binding, or restraining of a person for the sexual, aesthetic, and/or psychological pleasure of the parties involved. Rope, cuffs,bondage tape, self-adhesive bandages, or other restraints may be used for this purpose.
Because it is a common misconception, it is important to note that bondage itself does not contain sadomasochism.
Bondage may be used as an end into itself, as in the case of rope bondage and breast bondage. It may also be used as a part of sex or in conjunction with other BDSM activities. The letter "B" in the acronym "BDSM" comes from the word "bondage". Sexuality and erotica are an important aspect in bondage, but are often not the end in itself. Aesthetics also plays an important role in bondage.
The most common reason for the active partner to tie up his/her partner is pleasure from the restrained partner's submission and the feeling of the temporary transfer of control and power. For sadomasochistic people, bondage is often used as a means to an end, where the restrained partner is more accessible to other sadomasochistic behaviour. However, bondage can also be used for its own sake. The active partner can derive visual pleasure from seeing his/her partner tied up, and the restrained partner can derive tactile pleasure from the feeling of helplessness and immobility.
Types of bondage
Because of the diversity in its forms, bondage can be divided into various different types based on its motivation.
Click here for information

Saturday, 11 May 2013

No Nonsense Nurse

How can a nurse, no matter how knowledgeable and experienced, do anything for an incurable problem. I’m afraid useless with a small penis has no cure, or even relief. It just stays with you day after day, for ever and ever. But as I am ever the Professional, it is My duty to check out this specimen and decide and advise the best way forward to a future a little less pathetic.
“Take off your clothes. Fold them, and put them in the box. Let Me see it.”
And there it is. His naked, scrawny form, hunched over, head bowed, he is facing his pathetic shrivelled penis.
“Well, well, well,” I say, as I tap it with the tip of My pen “Let’s see what can be done for you. Spread your legs for a proper inspection.”
I circle him, with a tut and a sigh. The best way forward, is to tie it down, and just pretend it doesn’t exist.
And I stand in front of him, with a length of nylon chord in My fingers, pondering My technique for securely fastening such a small thing.
I begin by securing the first wrap under his testicles, and tie the first knot at the front. I then go under the penis, and back to the front to tie to the first knot. A crossed wrap travelling to the tip, followed by a knot, which makes him wince a little, as I pull upwards to lay flat, in an upright position against his stomach. I smack it with latex gloved fingers, and order him to “Keep still!”
It’s so useless, it will lay very flat. I then lead the chord around his back. Tie a knot, and continue around to the front, until his penis is totally tied flat.
“Now kneel on the floor, face down, knees apart, buttocks up.”
I watch him struggle, as the chord tightens with every inch of movement. I’m not worried, he will either become accustomed to the feeling, or his penis will detach, like the tail of a baby lamb.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pro-Domme Guide: 5 stupid things you shouldn’t do

If you ever have the opportunity to hang around pro-dommes during their candid moments – especially a shrewdness of pro-dommes (which I propose as the collective noun¹ that should be used to describe a group of pro-dommes), sooner or later the talk rolls around to clients. As in, stupid shit clients say and do.
As I was working on this article, my significant other looked over my shoulder and remarked that this list looks a lot like the stupid tricks her clients pull. I was momentarily alarmed, as she is an attorney, not a pro-domme. But she explained that as a professional woman working mostly with men, she faces all of the same problems and challenges.
So wise up, guys. Read this list and don’t be an ass. Whether it comes to seeing a dominatrix or a lawyer.
Pro-Domme Guide: 5 stupid things you shouldn’t do
Asking for sex
This is the big one. It’s patently offensive to all pro-dommes, which is why they are usually crystal clear about it right up front. So why do so many guys do it anyway? A lot of kinksters will tell you that BDSM and D/s are not about sex. But in my opinion, that’s a black-and-white oversimplification of an issue with many shades of grey. The proliferation of slickly produced BDSM videos from and other leading purveyors further muddies the waters. You know the ones I’m talking about – where the domme ‘tortures’ the helpless sub by fucking him. Poor guy. We live in a world where everything is about sex. Just turn on the TV, open a magazine, or visit your local watering hole for proof. So it can be extremely challenging to make a distinction between getting naked and permitting a beautiful woman to do evil things to you, and having sex with her. But trust me guys, you just need to take this one on faith. Don’t even bring it up. Professional domination is not prostitution.
Being a stiff
Yeah Beavis, you heard ‘stiff’ and just assumed. But no, what we’re talking about here is breach of contract. Not long ago I was at one of LA’s top domination studios doing some behind-the-scenes business, and a client committed this cardinal sin after a session. He feigned forgetting his cash tribute, explained he couldn’t put it on his credit card for privacy reasons, and excused himself to go hit an ATM machine. Not surprisingly, he didn’t return. But stiffing a pro-domme is kind of like being rude to a French waiter. What’s that? Your crème brûlée tastes extra creamy tonight? She’s got your email address, phone number, and other tidbits of your personal information. And she talks with her colleagues regularly. Do you really want to piss her off?
Short of a close encounter with a CIA interrogator on foreign soil, you’ve picked the last person you should try to lie to. She’s an expert in seeing right through species horndogius malesapiens – of which you are a card-carrying member. What’s funnier is that you suck at it. You’re not even a challenge. No matter what, she’s going to find out the truth anyway. And she’ll respect you even less when she uncovers your deceit. So don’t set yourself up for a big fail. Just tell the truth – she’ll know how to deal with it.
This is an obscure word for behaviour that’s all too common. The verb ‘to wheedle’ means to coax someone into giving you something, and carries a connotation of dishonest intent. Or to put it in plain language, it means trying to scam her out of something of value. Attempting to drag out a brief pre-session consultation into a lengthy phone session is a perfect example. Another one is asking if she’s looking for a personal slave, particularly when she’s never met you. Her radar is highly attuned to these boorish antics, and she’ll put a stop to it very quickly if you cross this line. But beware – she may send you packing with a one-way ticket.
Seriously, there’s no excuse, except maybe a sudden catastrophic double amputation courtesy a Mack truck crossing your path. Save the creative excuses – and especially the really uncreative ones like ‘family emergency.’ If for some reason you can’t, or decide you won’t be able to make it, extend her the common human courtesy of letting her know in advance. And if it’s a simple case of cold feet, be honest about it. You’re not the first, and she knows exactly what to do about it.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Leather Thigh Boots

Sitting high above you, I observe your kneeling position, your head down low below My heels. I cross My feet and rest them on your shoulders. With your tongue you will show your appreciation for My boots, licking the leather to a polished finish. I will allow you to lick and suck the heel. I will allow you to lick the soles of My boots, to eat the dirt from the floor where I have walked. you will Thank Me for allowing you these privileges. I will allow you to be My foot stool. I will allow you the pleasure of feeling My heels on your body, buttocks and thighs. you will Thank Me for allowing you to feel My boots. Failure to Thank Me and compliment My boots, will follow with boot punishment. A kick in the balls, a kick in the arse, or your face are to be expected in return for unsatisfactory worship of My boots. I will observe you closely, to be sure you are paying My boots your full attention. Keep your head down, do not look up. Not at Me or at anything else. I will rest My booted leg on your shoulder, to allow you taste the leather from toe to thigh. I will rest My other boot, heel down, on your thigh. you will thank Me for allowing you to worship one boot at a time. I will rest one booted ankle on each of your shoulder’s , and you will pay equal attention to each. Nothing will distract you from My boots. Lifting your eyes higher than My boots will earn you a booted toe, pushed hard in your mouth. I will rest My stiletto heel on your balls, and push My knee hard on your tongue, for a vigorous polishing.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Strict School Lessons For Stupid Naughty boys

“Sit down on the floor, legs crossed, sit up straight, eyes front. Take this book, and read the first page out loud.”
I consider My punishment for his stupidity, as I listen to him mumble and stutter his way through this simple children’s book. I write on the blackboard, the words he cannot manage. I will make him recite, copy and spell them out later.
As he turns the page, I bring down the wooden ruler on his knuckles.
“Stop. Put the book on the floor in front of you and look to the blackboard. Read these words.”
I smack the blackboard with the ruler, working My way down the list. Some words he reads, some stumbles on again, which I underline with deep strokes of the chalk.
“Why do you struggle with such simple words? Take this pencil and paper and write these words, neatly, 10 times.”
I watch in amazement his stupidity as he scrawls the words across the page. How can he think that this effort, or lack of it, will please Me.
“Stop. This lack of effort to better your stupid self is a waste of My precious time, and you shall be punished for that. If you wish to remain stupid, you will continue to be punished. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“Stand up. Come to Me. Bend over. I will issue 10 lashes for lack of concentration. Count them.”
“(Whack!)…1… (Whack!)…2… (Whack!)…3… (Whack!)…4… (Whack!)…5… (Whack!)…6… (Whack!)…7… (Whack!)…8… (Whack!)…9… (Whack!)…10. Thank you, Miss.”
“Sit down on the floor, legs crossed, sit up straight, eyes front. Take this book and write this line 100 times. Every error in neatness, spelling, and punctuation with earn you a lash of My cane. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“The pages are lined, as you are too stupid to use plain paper.”
“Thank You, Miss.”
I write on the blackboard ‘I must try harder to please Miss, by practicing my reading, writing and spelling.’, I put down the chalk, pick up My ruler, and tap the sentence.
After making him read it, he begins to write his lines.
I pace the room, silent except for the click of My heels, and a quiet tut or sigh, as he gets distracted. I clear the blackboard, and inspect My chalky fingers. This will aid My grip, as I make his buttocks glow shortly.
“Come to Me to accept 20 lashes for concentration lapses and bad handwriting. Bend over, and touch your toes.”
With chalky fingers I pull down his underpants. As instructed, he counts his lashes, and thanks Me.
“I will now issue you with lines to take away, and bring with you to your next lesson. If they are not completed to My satisfaction, you will be issued with 10 lashes.”
I spank him just once, on each of his warm glowing buttocks, and tell him “That is for earning further lines. Pull up your pants, sit down on the floor, legs crossed, sit up straight, eyes front. I will write on the blackboard.”
And he reads back to Me, “I must try harder to please Miss, and I must always say Thank You if I am punished for not doing so

Friday, 3 May 2013

Smoking Fetish

he crawls over, and brings Me a cigarette. After putting it into one of My cigarette holders, he presents it to Me. It is clean and neat, and fits snuggly in the holder. This pleases Me, and I allow him to light it. I guide his hand up to My lips. I tell him to “Stop! Ignite the flame.”
He lights My cigarette, replaces the lighter, and moves immediately into a kneeling position, buttocks up, head to the ground, hands out on the floor in front of him, at My feet. As he is careful not to take his eyes from My feet, he will receive his reward.
“Breathe in the smoke that I allow you to inhale. Say “Thank You, Mistress.” for being so generous and allowing you to share My long cigarette.”
I first drop some ash from the end of My cigarette into his outstretched right hand. Without prompt, he thanks Me for his gift. “Lick it!” The second, I flick, still hot for a second, into his left hand.
“Now sit up, keep your head down, and show Me your tongue.” His tongue is acceptable for receiving My cigarette. Freshly cleaned before he presented himself to Me, with a pool of saliva, which I know will provide Me with the sizzling sound that I enjoy so much.
“tssss!” I watch with great satisfaction, as the last cloud of smoke rises from his tongue.....

Worship My Boots

“Kiss My boots. Kiss the toes. Kiss My heels.” I watch over him as he crawls around at My feet, kissing My boots. All the way up, he kisses them. Then all the way down to My heels. “Stop. Head down, cheek to the ground.” I stamp down My foot, crashing the heavy heel to the ground close to his face. He flinches. “you mustn’t flinch! I will issue 2 lashes of My whip!” I strike his bare buttocks with My whip, for which he thanks Me.
“Now lick My boots. All over. Don’t miss a single spot.”
I watch him closely, making sure he rubs his tongue over every last inch of leather.
“Lick them hard. Massage My feet and legs through the boots. Make the leather shine.”
Inspection of My boots shows that there has been little effort, and I am disappointed. My instructions are always clear. Long leather boots must always be buffed with vigour.
“Do they look buffed to you slave?”
“No, Mistress.”
“Open your mouth!”
I push the whole toe of My right boot into his mouth.
“I will not tolerate disobedience. Now suck them to a shine!”

On My Throne In Leather & PVC

Sitting comfortably on My throne, booted legs crossed. My leather boots ready for some heavy ball kicking. My thick heels, ready to stand on his scrotum. I will start by tying his cock & balls. I have told him before not to get hard in My presence. I lift his semi erect penis with a PVC gloved hand. “What is this? Are you getting hard again?” “Yes, Mistress.” I tap the toe of My boot over the end of it. “I will not tie a semi erect penis. Head to the ground. Legs Apart!” I walk slowly behind him. I hear him hold his breath, with the anticipation of the kick he is about to receive. I stand behind him, and observe the naked kneeling form in front of Me. Pathetic. With half a smile, I Lift up My right leg, pull back, and swing My boot forward to deal the first blow. “Thank You, Mistress.”

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Golden Showers

I order him to lay down flat, face up, palms up. Satisfied that his naked body is in position, I stand over his face. “Open your mouth.” My bladder is full, and he must drink every drop he catches. Out it comes. A small burst of golden liquid, directly into his waiting open mouth. I stop it and order “Swallow.” “Did you enjoy your drink?” “Yes, Mistress. Thank You, Mistress” I check he is still concentrating on his position. Satisfied, I stand over him again. “Good. Open your mouth.” Again it flows, much quicker now. It overflows his mouth, and he is soon lay in a puddle. “No spilling. Up on your knees, head down low” “Sorry, Mistress.” He replies, knowing his punishment is coming.

Fetish Sessions In Training Room 1

In My red PVC corset, Wet Look dress & 5 ½ inch stiletto heels, I pull back a couple of curtains in Training Room 1. The wall displays several weapons, and equipment for your training.
An experienced sub kneels naked before Me. Evidence of previous thrashes show on his buttock.
I select a riding crop, a good single weapon that will deliver a variety of blows to his already scarred rear.

Strict School Lessons For Stupid Naughty boys

Mistress does not take kindly to naughty boys. Naughty boys who are too stupid to avoid repeating the same mistakes must be severely punished.
“We shall continue our times tables. Where is your book?”
“I don’t have it Miss.”
“Unacceptable. Stand up. Bend Over. Touch your toes. I will administer 6 lashes of My cane to your bare bottom. One for each set of times tables you are going to have to rewrite in your 3rd new book. Count them”
“Pull up your pants. Stand up straight. Recite your 6 times tables to Me.”
“I can’t remember them Miss”
“Read them from the blackboard. Bend Over the table. Eyes on the board. 1 lash of My cane you will receive for every line of the table”
“1(whack!) times 6 is 6, 2(whack!) times 6 is 12, 3(whack!) times 6 is 18, 4(whack!) times 6 is 24, 5(whack!) times 6 is 30, 6(whack!) times 6 is 36, 7(whack!) times 6 is 42, 8(whack!) times 6 is 48, 9(whack!) times 54 is 6, 10(whack!) times 6 is 60, 11(whack!) times 6 is 66, 12(whack!) times 6 is 72.”
“you can read then?”
“Yes Miss.”
“And you can concentrate?”
“Yes Miss.”
“And you can listen to an instruction? And follow it?”
“Yes Miss.”
“Do that every time, you stupid boy.”
“Yes Miss.”
“(Whack!) Pull up your pants, I’ve seen enough of your red arse. Cover it up, and sit down.”

More Strict School Lessons For Stupid Naughty boys to follow.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

your Whip Mistress In Liquid Vinyl Dress

I watch over My new sub, as he undresses and looks nervous. Having just signed the contract for the session, there’s no turning back now. I select one of My more tame whips, a soft leather tail whip.
“Kneel down on the floor, and bow your head down.” He follows My instruction, and I nudge his head a little to force it lower. I sit down in front of him, lift My studded heeled boots and order him to “Remove My shoes.”
I watch his trembling hands pull at the laces, and he grips the studded heel to pull off the shoe. The shoe is on tight. “Show Me your palms.” I see the red indentations from the studs on his hands.
“Loosen the laces, don’t force them.” I issue him with 5 lashes to each marked palm.
Gently he removes My shoes, and places them, as instructed, under My chair.
“you will worship My pretty little feet. Kiss them, starting at My toes.”
I watch him work his way around My feet & toes, following My instructions. The instructions are too often, and the punishment frequent, but he takes the whip to his hands and bottom with a quiet “Thank You.” every time.

Training Task

A message to all My subs, slaves, naughty little boys, sissies, maids and especially My filthy worthless sluts who live to be humiliated.
Prove your worth, show your loyalty, or attempt to get a little of My attention.
Here is your task.
Send Me a picture of you, branded with My name, in a public place.
Don’t start snivelling, and crying, and emailing with your conditions. Do this on My terms. My terms are fair, and the specifics are below.
Write “show my worthless (*fill in blank) on” somewhere on yourself, and take a picture.
Make sure you have a clear image, to send to Me at Don’t send it yet, read the rest of the instructions first.
Send your photo with the understanding that the image will then belong to Me, and I will publish it on My blog as I see fit.
Bad quality images are not worth a single minute of My time.
It is NOT necessary to show your face. The photo does not have to be of your head. Masked Faces will be accepted, Or you can blur out the part of your face that makes you recognisable. I will NOT edit any images, apart from to add an ownership stamp, so do NOT ask Me.
Photos of your erect penis will NOT be published.
The image should show enough background for Me to be able to tell that you are in public. i.e. NOT faked.
The email title should be “show my worthless (*fill in blank) on”
In your email, tell Me why I should publish your picture on My page. e.g.Tell Me what you felt like when you were writing My Name. Tell Me how looking at yourself in the photo makes you feel. Tell Me how you feel, knowing that your picture is on the internet.
Always sign off your emails with your name. This can be just a first name, or your sub name. If you require My new image of you to be anonymous, write (anon) after your name.
Send your email & photo to Me at
I will reply to tell you if I publish the image. Some emails may be published with the image, after editing.
*fill in blank – eg. arse, head, face, body, penis, cock & balls, self, etc.