Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Updating My Wishlists

slaves dealt with, for tonight.
I am now updating My wish lists
Amazon UK Email Gift Vouchers to Mistress@online-slave-training.info 

First Task for My newest successful online slave applicants

I have now set your initial task to begin your training. Check your inbox to see if you have received a message from Me. Check the kind of training schedule I have deemed appropriate for you. The deadline for your first task is 12 hours from receiving your instruction.
No message from Me? Complete this task, here.

Updated - Online Work Available - slave Position: Twitter slave

slave Position: twitter slave

slave positions available as My twitter slaves.

 #twitterslaves @MistressEleanor

Duties include:
tweeting and retweeting My tweets, My retweets, and your own tweets as instructed by Me
follow and followback tweeps of interest as instructed by Me
tweeting My pics, retweeting My twitterpics, and commenting on My twitterpics
tweeting your own pics, as instructed by Me
other weekly twitter based tasks as instructed.

Write to Me at: Mistress@online-slave-training.info to apply. Follow Me on Twitter and retweet all My tweets from the last 7 days, before you apply.


In My inbox, reading new online slave applications.
Tip: Here is how I select.
Every day, usually in the evening, I read all applications from that day. I delete anything that is not worth any of My time. From the remaining messages, I select the 2 that are going to be of most use, or most amusement, or both. The rest sit in My inbox, until I am bored, until I dismiss a current slave, or until I have time for you, or a job for you. If My response to your application has taken some time, you can take it that you are, at best, average, at worst, the dregs of the applicants. Can you improve your application?
Yes, you may apply again. Apologise for your recent application attempt. Offer Me something I want. Send Me a gift or a tribute. Complete this task, detailed on My website, or any task detailed on this blog.

Out With The Old, In With The New

As old things have been moved to new places, and new things put in new places, and new things put in old places, there is need for change all round. I have some items that are now surplus to My requirements. There are also some items I want.
I will be updating My Wish List and My Shop over the next few days.
I will update My blogs and My Twitter account as they change.

New House - Update

I am now moved in and settled into My new house. My slaves have been busy making it clean and tidy, cosy and comfortable for Me, and making sure I have everything I want and need. Photos will follow.  The new training room is in progress, dungeon equipment is being fitted, and it will be ready for some fun sessions very soon. I have, however, already got cages in place, for My little worker ants to take some rest.
I have updated very few of My online accounts, such as Twitter, and My websites and blogs have not changed much, as My current projects have kept Me busy enough. Even My wishlist has not really been updated much.
Between My 3 places, I now have a dungeon and 2 training rooms in 3 locations. My regular slaves have already had instructions on which location to attend in the future.
Opportunities for slaves and subs to attend real time sessions, will now be limited. Online slaves may be invited to sessions, as part of their training, in order to progress to being a full time slave, or to receive real time punishment.
Sessions will be considered from applicants who have served Me previously.

Online slave training blog updated

Click the link to read My latest online slave training update