Monday, 17 February 2014

Foot Worship

i enter Your Domain, i sign my slave contract and i am ordered to strip, i do so, shaking as i remove the last of my garments.
i hear You laugh as You witness how small my penis is, i am ordered to my knees!
i obey without question and place my head on the floor, i hear Your heels clicking on the hard concrete floor as You walk to Your throne.
"Remove My right shoe" is Your command. i do as i am told, fearing punishment, i immediately smell the beautiful aroma of Your delicate feet as i remove the left shoe!
You stand up, walk around behind me and use Your unshod left foot to kick me hard in the balls. i scream with pain and enquire what i did wrong. "I ordered you to remove My right shoe and you remove My left, you idiot, you will pay further for that later, now do as you were told and remove the correct shoe before I really lose My temper with you!"
i do as i am told, my balls throbbing and stomach aching from where i was kicked, i can't believe how stupid i was to have made such a silly mistake!
The shoe is removed and again the beautiful aroma hits my nostrils and i get a stirring down below which hopefully cannot be seen by my Goddess! i await my next instruction when You pull me by my hair into an upright position and You see that i have become aroused!
"you will pay for that, too later!" You say and push my head back to the floor.
"Begin worshipping My right foot"
i do as commanded, kissing each toe, then each part of the upper foot, down the instep, kissing the heel, and finally the outside of the foot.
"Stop!" You cry "Let's take a look at you now!" i stay down, fearing if Mistress sees my full erection i will be for it! "Up you piece of shit!" you command, "Insolence in addition to stupidity, your punishment list is getting longer!" i lift my body and Mistress sees my full erection! "you clearly have no self-control, do you, even when I have you doing the most humiliating of tasks. you disgust Me, you should be ashamed!"
"Now carry on with what you were doing, and if the erection is still there when you are done then I WILL DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT"
i resume worship, this time Mistress lifts her foot from the floor and i begin sucking each toe as if it was a small penis, thank goodness Mistress doesn't know about my secret desires to suck real cocks i think as i am performing this task!!!
i then use my tongue to clean the sole of her right foot as it has got dirty from walking around barefoot.
"Stop!", You say, "now worship the left one!"
i begin, and repeat the process i performed on the right, kissing each toe individually, kissing the entire upper part of the foot up to the ankle, then kiss the incredibly shaped instep and around to the heel, before finishing off the top of the foot by kissing along the outside edge!
"Now suck!" i am ordered and again i suck each toe individually and clean in between the toes with my tongue before finishing by cleaning the left sole with my tongue
"Stop!" You say, "time for an inspection, if you are still erect I will kick You between the legs until the erection is gone, now stand up!"
i stand as commanded and my small erection is still there.
"I warned you, spread your legs wide and put your hands on your head!" i do as i am told
"this could have been avoided if you showed some self-control, be thankful I am showing you some mercy by not putting my shoes on, if it ever happens again that is exactly what will happen, for every cry of pain, you will receive one stroke of the cane after I am done with your erection, is that clear?"
"yes Ma'am", i say
You move behind me, i have no idea what is happening and expect to be kicked, but instead You place a hood over my head. Suddenly i feel a pain in my groin as the first kick is delivered, i didn't expect it and i cry out and collapse to my knees
"That's one stroke for the cry, and two strokes for not maintaining the position" but You didn't say that i protest!
"OK, then I'll double it, I now owe you six strokes of the cane! Now get up and get back in position for an inspection!"
i stand, spread my legs and put my hand on my head, surely my erection has now gone
"Oh dear", You say, "still erect, I shall carry on!"
The next kick catches me on the penis but misses the balls, and i feel a sting and my penis projecting upwards, i stifle a cry but maintain the position
"Seven strokes owed", You say "and I think we shall try a little rapid fire!"
"what do You mean?", i say
"Did I say you could speak? that's now nine strokes owed! you are not learning are you?"
The next kick comes hard in the balls, followed by three more in a row, again i scream out as the pain hits and collapse to the floor writhing in agony
"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, unable to maintain the position for the 2nd time is triple the punishment for a repeat offence, so that's now fifteen strokes owed, plus one for the scream, actually it was a loud scream so we'll round the total up to 20, now get up and time for another inspection"
i rise to my feet with a searing pain deep in my stomach and feeling my balls swollen, now sure that the erection was gone as i was unable to feel it, i resume the position with my legs spread
"Better but not there yet I'm afraid! this is not good, not good at all, you have bruised My foot now so I cannot kick you anymore, you will pay for that I can assure you!"
"i am sorry Ma'am" i say
"you will be, for bruising My foot I will double the punishment and sentence you to 40 strokes of the cane, to be delivered without mercy! Now get back to your cell and await your fate!"

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentine's Day Gift

 Mistress Eleanor's Wishlist

i am on my way to Mistress Eleanor's for a Valentine's Day session. As usual, i am to "become amber" before leaving my home. That means full make-up, wig, pink corset, pink panties, pink garter belt with stockings, pink 5 inch heels. i am allowed a trench coat to cover myself. When this first started, i could park outside Mistress home and come in, but now i am given an address of where to park and must walk to Mistress house. Every time, it gets a little farther. As i walk down the street, i can feel my stockings slide on my legs. Heels clacking on the pavement. i have my Valentine's day gift under my arm.

 Arriving at Mistress Eleanor's door, i steady myself and ring the bell. The door is answered by one of Her staff, i don't know. She takes my gift, and instructs me to get my uniform on, go to the kitchen and follow the instructions on the counter.

 i go to the slave changing room, where my pink, PVC French maid uniform is hanging on the rack for me to get on. Quickly, i put on the dress and petticoats. There is also, my collar, and wrist/ankle cuffs there, and i click those on as well. i touch up my make-up, and head for the kitchen. There i find my list of chores for the day. It is much the same as most visits. Wipe down cupboards and counters, sweep, mop, prepare dinner.

 After some time of working, i hear the clicking of heels coming. i turn to see who has entered the room. It is Mistress Eleanor, wearing my gift, a PVC one-piece playsuit. While i know better than to look Her in the eye, i have to take a quick peek at Her in Her new outfit. i then drop to my knees, and kiss the tops of Her shoes. As i am worshiping Mistress feet, i feel Her pull my dress up over my back as She says "I have opened the other present you got for me, amber"

 With that i feel the riding crop i purchased last summer smack my bottom heavily. "Whap!!"  i continue to kiss Her shoes as She continues delivering blows to my sissy bottom, until i am sure it is bright red. Finally She stops.

"Thank you for the gifts, amber. I'm sure I will get a lot of use out of these. you will return to your duties"  Mistress says, as She leaves the room.

 i spend the rest of the evening serving as usual. Supremely happy, being under the control of Mistress Eleanor.