Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Moving to England

 As i wait outside my now vacant apartment with just a single bag, waiting for a cab to take me to the airport, i re-live the last few weeks. i have agreed to become Mistress Eleanor's full time sissy slave, and am moving to England. All my things have either been sold or given away. My clothes for the most part have been shipped ahead. All that is left is the  few things i needed for the last couple days. The cab arrives, and i get in and instruct the driver to take me to the airport. As he pulls away, i take one last look at my old life disappearing down the street.

 i get checked in, and through security. i have to be the old male me for my passport picture and name to match up. They scan my carry on, but no one seems to notice the guy with all the female clothes in his bag.

 i find my gate and take a seat. Before i left Mistress Eleanor had sent me a letter with instructions not to open it until i am ready to board the plane. i take it out and open it up.

   I am pleased you have gotten this far and are soon about to have your life changed forever. you will now go to the ladies room, change into an outfit more suitable for a sissy girl, and "become amber".  When you leave the restroom, you will put all your ugly male things in the rubbish.
   Looking forward to your arrival,


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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Request from a sissy slave girl

high heel sissy ballet shoes

i have always seen pictures of beautiful women wearing ballet shoes, and wanted a pair desperately. i'm sure they are terribly painful to walk in, but i don't care. That is why i would need the locking shoes. Learning to walk in them would be a challenge, i realise, but sissy girls always need challenges. Hopefully Mistress Eleanor's training will have me sufficiently trained to be able to get some soon.

Monday, 18 November 2013

slave Story

i arrived at Mistress Eleanor's for the first time, nervous but so horny as she'd enforced a masturbation schedule that meant i hadn't cum for 2 weeks. As i entered Mistress had a look and aura about Her that would make anyone submissive, let alone a pathetic loser like me, i knew i was immediately under Her control. "Take off your clothes and fold them neatly, slave" Mistress ordered. i quickly did as i was told, but as i was so horny from my schedule i couldn't keep my erection down. Mistress laughed and said "That tiny cock better be soft in 10 seconds or its straight in the cage." "Yes, Mistress" i begged. i tried so hard but couldn't get soft quickly enough and Mistress ordered me to my knees, put a collar and leash on me and walked me to a tiny cage, only just big enough for me to fit in. i crawled in and heard the cage slam shut behind me. Mistress padlocked the cage and left me there for 15 minutes, cold and naked before returning to open a gap in the cage, so She could sit on Her throne and shove Her beautifully red painted toes and foot deep into my mouth making me gag. "I don't want to hear noise, slut" Mistress shouted. "Yes Mistress." Mistress then took Her two big toes and pulled my mouth wide apart whilst asking me "Who do you belong to, slave?" and "Why are you so worthless, slave?", and all i could reply, with a stupid gagged voice, was "You Mistress" and "i don't know, i'm sorry, Mistress" to which Mistress laughed. It was the most humiliating foot worship and it hadn't finished yet. Next Mistress put Her heel in my mouth and told me to suck on it. i did my best, but Mistress laughed more and just told me how pathetic i looked. i was so humiliated. Mistress must have decided to take pity on me as She allowed me out of the cage and reached for a vibrator. She hogtied and ball gagged me so tight i couldn't move. Mistress then began using the vibrator on my penis. i was so horny as i hadn't been allowed to cum for 2 weeks it only took me 2 or 3 minutes to get to the point where Mistress said "Are you ready to cum, slave?" i begged "Yes, Mistress" in my stupid gagged voice. At that moment, She switched off the vibrator and kicked me hard in the balls. i cried out in pain, but Mistress said "No, you say “Thank You”, slave. you still need much more training, you useless loser" "Thank You, Mistress" i apologised. "Good boy" said Mistress and kicked me again, hard, twice before standing up and saying "I will see you later, slave" before leaving me naked, hogtied, gagged and horny on her cold dungeon floor.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Task For Foot Worship slaves

Birthday Stilettos

I have just had My feet pampered and painted by my sissy slave mel. Here are some photos.
foot worship subs, slaves and sissies, here is your task.
Spend some time looking at the images of My feet. Imagine you are with Me now, knelt at My feet. I am forcing you to worship them. Write to Me at to tell Me how you worship My feet. I will add the best worship stories to My blog.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Online Training / Distance Training

Online training is available to all subs, whether you have experience or not. It may be taken alongside real time sessions and one to one training, but may be taken by itself. No specialised equipment is required for online training, and this type of training is available daily, whether My diary shows I have availability or not.
Mainly online training, or distance training, is given via email, but occasionally via messenger, with or without a webcam. A camera of some type is required for this training, so that I have visual proof that tasks have been completed. The quality of images does not matter, I just need to see that the content of the photograph corresponds to the completed task. If you do not have a camera, most modern mobile phones have cameras attached, and you can take photos with a webcam. Webcams are built in to most new laptops.
For the moment, subs can only enrol in online training via My website, and fees are only accepted via paypal. I have plans to offer other ways to enrol, but no alternative method is accepted right now.  Click here for further enrolment details.
Tasks vary so much from each other, and from one sub to another. If you have any special interests, say so in your application. Also include the following things when you apply;
if you have any toys, equipment or clothes, as I may use them in training if I know you have them.
the usual hours and days you have available to complete your tasks, I will set deadlines and pace the course accordingly.
a little about your life, family, the kind of property you live in, who you share your living space with, work etc. It will help Me to write your tasks.
any activity that is absolutely beyond your known limits.

Any other information that you would like Me to consider when writing your course of online training.
If you fail to include this information, I will assume that you have no issues preventing you from completing your tasks at any time, with no limits to the type of tasks you will complete.