Sunday, 23 June 2013

Trampling In PVC Thigh Boots

Whip Mistress in full PVC Outfit

Fully dressed in PVC, including thigh high boots with stiletto heels I stand over him with My whip ready. I lift up My leg, and push My heel into his thigh. I feel him wince just a little, but he remains silent. I slowly walk around, the only sound is the steady click of My heels on the hard floor. Using My whip, I pull him by the neck until he is lying flat on his back. I lift My stiletto heels foot over his bare chest so that I am standing over him, My heels pinning his wrists flat to the floor. I rest one foot on his chest, and see the indentation where My heel rests. The dent deepens, as I transfer My weight, and up I go, standing one footed onto his torso. I order that he gives Me his hands, and I steady Myself, before pushing My other heel into his nipple. I move My foot around to change the pressure, which causes him to let out a little gasp. I whip him with My long leather bull whip between his legs, as a warning to remain quiet. Failure to do so will result in a ball gag being used.
I Lift My foot off his nipple and push My foot into his face, the sole of My boot covers is nose, and I push My heel into his mouth. After some kissing of My heels, I move the foot backwards, and step off him. I walk down to his feet, and push his legs apart with My boots. I tease his balls with the pointed toe of My boot, and he gives a little shudder as he anticipates My next move.
I stand on his balls, pinning the sack flat to the floor with My long spike heel. I stand on with full weight as I lift Myself back onto body, using it as a platform. I stand down, his body under My legs, and order him to “Roll Over.” I watch him squirm beneath Me as he shifts position according to My orders. I whip him 3 times on the buttocks for moving, then step on. Using My whip, I pull his head back, so I can see his facial expressions as he reacts to Me walking up and down his bare back. The marks from My heels growing deeper and redder with every step.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Worship My Pretty Little Feet

As he kneels before Me, I lift up My foot, and have him remove My shoe to reveal My pretty feet and painted toe nails. “Now, kiss them. They are to be worshipped fully and totally. Pay My feet your full attention. Do not look up.”
Kisses cover every toe, and he works his way all around the top of My foot as it rests on his knees. Straining to bend, as he kisses it all over. I am seated and give him orders to remove the other shoe. I rest one foot on his shoulder as he leans in to kiss the toes of My other foot.
I order him to “Stop.” And he lowers his head submissively. I get up and walk around him to take a seat upon his bare back. From there I put My feet underneath him. “Kiss them!”
With My full weight on him, it takes effort to work his kisses all over My feet. I grab his wrists and pull his arms behind his back. I adjust My position to sit on his hands, challenging his ability to keep balance. I am pleased that the worship does not cease or slow, and I receive no complaint. It is a test that he passes as his knees withstand the pressure of My weight pushing down onto the concrete floor.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

sissy Pedicure

As part of her assignment, I demand that My sissy girl amber practice making herself pretty for Me.
Make up application is to be repeated until it improves to an acceptable standard, and nail polish should be applied to her buffed and moisturised fingers and toes often to ensure a smooth neat glossy finish.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Dealing With Lazy Staff

I summon him to My office, where I sit waiting at My desk. “Come in, and close the door.”
I call him over for a clothing inspection first. I am unhappy with the creases in his shirt, and his tie is not straight. I tug down hard on his tie, “Did you dress in the dark this morning? Do you imagine I will find it acceptable for you to be in My presence in such a state? Or even under the same roof as Me looking this way for that matter?”
He hangs his head in shame, and mumbles something back at Me.
“Speak up when you answer Me. Do you think this is acceptable?”
“No, Miss.”
I order him to first address his appearance. Undress and prepare to iron out his clothes. I watch him, as he pathetically tidies and irons his clothes naked in front of Me. When he is almost finished, I make My way over to him to issue his first punishment.
“This is just wasting My time and yours, you should be sure to turn up for work neat and tidy, and especially so if I tell you to come and see Me.” I flog him with the wooden ruler from My desk as I tell him how to conduct himself in My presence, and tell him how useless he is to present himself to Me in this way.
Before I allow him to dress, I order him, “On your knees, you pathetic specimen.”
I lash him with the ruler, as I list his many faults in the workplace, and warm him that lazy staff can so easily be replaced. I have him repeat his misdemeanours back to Me, and promise to improve to an acceptable standard. When I am finished, his back side is glowing red, and emanates a heat that I can feel on My legs as I pace back and forth behind him. Satisfied he has received sufficient punishment, I order him to “Get dressed, and get straight back to work.”

Monday, 10 June 2013

Financial Domination & Blackmail

Financial Domination with a Money Mistress is a fetish full of sexual charge. Those who see it simply as a cold money transaction misunderstand the essential point that ‘exploitation’ is just as powerful a fetish as say a foot or leather fetish. It is simply that the object of the fetish is focussed on giving; on exploitation; on sacrifice. A money slave, or pay pig, will experience intense excitement and/or arousal in the act of giving money to a Domme. This comes from the feeling of powerlessness, of being exploited, of being so completely captivated by a Domme that the slave will give and give and give to experience that feeling again and again.
The Tribute itself can be in the form of a present, money paid direct into a bank account or to the open hand. Even a regular Direct debit when a Money slave relationship is well established. What is sometimes underestimated is how powerful the bond between a Money Mistress and a pay slave can be. It is a very personal and intense form of domination, and is typically suited to those submissives seeking a long-term relationship with a dom. They work and earn for her; they labour to make Mistress’ life sweet; to afford her luxuries they will deny themselves. These are the pleasures a pay pig can look forward to.
Of course, reciprocation is never direct. The Mistress will not ‘thank’ the slave or be grateful. On the contrary she will take it for granted. But the slave might be allowed a wank or some small titbit of satisfaction, some crumb from the Divine Mistress. If he is married he might be told he can have sex with his wife. Whatever the money slave gets from his Mistress, he will be grateful for it.
So is money slavery purely for those slaves with plenty of cash to splash? NO. What a Money Mistress wants is to know a slave is sacrificing for her. That is, that he is denying himself something, or denying his family, wife and/or children something to give his money to her. The satisfaction for both Financial Mistress and money slave comes in knowing that the slave is scrimping and sacrificing as part of his devotion. Of course sacrifice comes at a different level to different slaves, but it is essential to the intense rush of giving that the amount means something to the slave.
Knowing the Mistress is living a life of absolute luxury while the slave struggles, and suffers in many ways for Her is a large part of Financial Domination. Time and time again he must surrender and give up, so She can live well. Therefore, there is a large contrast between how Financial Mistress and money slave live within this fetish. Some Mistresses will enjoy the slow ruination of the slave, while others drain with a more long-term aim in mind, knowing that a completely ruined slave is useless.
To summarise, Financial Domination is a form of power exchange where the slave gives up his power and money to a beautiful, demanding Goddess. Money is the ultimate power in society today. Money is used to measure individuals. The less you have, the more shame you endure, the greater the sense of powerlessness. The slave gives up his possessions to achieve that sense of humility and devotion to one who, in his own way, he loves and loves absolutely.

More information on My personal approach to Financial Domination & Blackmail can be read here.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Introducing Miss Legs

Miss Legs

Miss Legs has spent some time as My sub, and is also under My wing in Mistress training. She is still in the process of deciding how she wants to proceed with the lifestyle, and as such is not accepting any communications from anyone she does not know, or has not previously met.
She is sometimes present to undertake her training inbetween My other sessions.
If she speaks to you outside of the session, you may respond.
She sometimes will observe a session as part of Mistress training. I will send My request to My sub for this prior to the session, if I feel it is appropriate to her training. She will NOT observe during a session with a sub who has not served Me before. She will not take part in any sessions, she will be there for observation only. Her presence should not be acknowledged, and she will not interrupt the session in any way. Any messages from subs requesting her involvement in any session will be ignored.
She will accept gifts, and should she not be present on the day of your training session, I will have her collect her gift as soon as she can. Cash gifts should be in a sealed envelope with "Miss Legs" written neatly on the front, and your first name/sub name/alias written on the back across the seal.
She also likes Rose wine (White Zinfandel), quality chocolate, and perfume. Her favourite is Nina Ricci, L'Air du Temps.
She may write blog updates as part of her training. She will not disclose any other information, unless instructed to do so by Me.

Yahoo Group

I have created a group with Yahoo.
My group is fully moderated. Quality messages, photos and links will be allowed. Links, messages with links, and photos with website stamps, will only be allowed if you have linked back to My group, My website, or My Twitter.
Don’t join and request “Web Only” in the email delivery options.
The regularity of the updates will depend on the popularity of My group.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Safe Words

One of the thrills of SM is that it can stretch your limitations. If you enjoy this sort of play, you can naturally find yourself trying more and more new things, accepting greater and greater levels of sensation, doing and feeling more than you've ever done or felt before.
But the process is slow and gradual, and people are not telepathic. It may be that you are the bottom in a whipping scene, and your top is whipping you, and suddenly it doesn't feel good anymore!! and you want them to STOP!!! That is what a safeword is: a word that means "This isn't working! This scene is going wrong somehow! Please stop!"
A safeword needs to be taken seriously. Sometimes you may be playing with a top you don't know that well, and if they do something to you don't want, it's important that you have a way to let them know, IMMEDIATELY. Especially if you're tied up or otherwise made helpless.
Everyone has their own favourite safeword. I personally use "Yellow!" to mean "Something's getting too intense; I need you to lighten up, but I don't want to stop the scene," and I use "Red!" to mean "I'm in trouble and I want everything to stop NOW, no more games, scene over, let me outta here!" Some people just have one flavour of safeword, and use "aardvark" or some other weird word they'd never say in the context of a scene. At many parties, the universal safeword is "Safeword!" It's up to you. All it is is a safety valve for when things get out of control. If your top doesn't respect your safeword, it's a safe bet that they won't respect other limits of yours, and you will need to decide whether you want to play with someone who doesn't acknowledge your boundaries.
Using a safeword can be hard to do sometimes. It's important to realize that no one is perfect, and if you as top do something that squicks your bottom (i.e. pushes beyond your bottom's limits--"squick" is a recent bit of s.s.b-b jargon), it doesn't mean you're a bad lover or a bad person. It only means that you ran into a limit you didn't know was there, or you were tired or disconnected and not in tune with your bottom. It happens to everyone from time to time. If you as top feel burned out and want to stop the scene suddenly, or you get a powerful reaction you weren't expecting and aren't sure how to continue, you can use a safeword too; safewords aren't just for bottoms! If you as bottom feel like your top is pushing you, and you don't want to play anymore, it's not fun, that's when you want to use a safeword--your top will be glad you used it to tell them where you were at.
A safeword is just a communication tool, nothing more, nothing less. If you're playing intensely, it may feel hard to stop the scene, to come back from the edge via a safeword... but if you need to, that's what they're for. Some tops deliberately push their bottoms until their bottoms call safeword; this way, the bottom gets the experience of using it. A safeword that's never used can seem unusble, which isn't a good property for a safeword.
Sometimes a top will want to gag you, whether because you're being too noisy or they want to increase your helplessness or you've been being impertinent or whatever. You may still want a safeword to let the top know when a rope is too tight or the nipple clamps are pinching or whatever. Some people put a handkerchief in the bottom's hand; if they let go and the handkerchief falls, they know there's something up. I personally use the old SOS signal: three loud yells spaced evenly; "Unh! Unh! Unh!" No gag I've ever seen can stop _all_ noise, and that signal works even if my hands are in mittens or a strait-jacket and unable to hold anything at all.
Before playing with someone, it's a good idea to negotiate, not only what safeword you want to use, but how you'll handle it if you need to use the safeword. When you're just getting into SM, it's almost inevitable that some scenes will end prematurely or abruptly. If you acknowledge this possibility in advance, and talk about what kinds of comforting or remedy you might like, it'll make recovering from a mishap a lot easier and more pleasant. And because a scene goes wrong is no reason to think that you or your partner is fundamentally bad or untrustworthy--mistakes will happen. (If your partner doesn't want to hear your concerns about the mishap, though, or if they belittle or deride your concerns, you may well be unable to avoid future mishaps. If your relationship doesn't learn from painful experience, it may not be ready to handle doing SM. Of course, this kind of processing is a vital part of _every_ healthy relationship, SM or not.)
Not every SM player uses safewords. Some people into SM don't find them useful for the style of play they prefer; more straightforward communication suffices for them. Some partners find their need for a safeword gradually diminishes as they come to know each other better. Some people do SM in which the bottom doesn't _want_ to have a verbal escape route, for the duration of the scene. (This "no-safeword" play is also sometimes called "edge play.") One thing that you will learn about the BDSMLMNOP scene is that styles vary wildly, and peoples' experiences are astonishingly diverse. But for many people beginning their explorations (and many who've explored enormously), safewords have proved very helpful