Wednesday, 26 March 2014

sissy in Bondage

Mistress puts me into bondage.
She gags me, a ring gag, blindfolds me.
My ankles are cuffed, and my wrists.
She puts me onto my knees, and pushes my face into the carpet.
I kneel, and she pushes a butt plug inside me.  Then she turns it on.

“Kneel tiffy.  And don’t move.”

I kneel, and I hear a click.  Even with my mask on I can sense the light has gone out.

It goes quiet, and I’m not sure if she’s still in the room.
I move my weight slightly.
“Don’t move tiffy.  I didn’t say you could move.”
She’s in the room with me.
i stay as still as I can.
i hear her draw on a cigarette- and then the smoke hits me in the centre of the ring gag.
i cough, and she laughs.
“you are pathetic aren’t you tiffany?  Look at your tiny cock.  I’ve had to buy a CB6000s for you.  The “s” stands for short.  You tiny cocked wanker.”
She blows smoke into my mouth again, and I tremble.
i hear her stand up, and walk round me.
“Don’t fidget tiffy, or I’ll keep you like this all night.  Wanker.
“Do you think it will improve when I let you stand up?  Because it won’t. As long as you are here with me you will be receiving no comfort, just humiliation and discomfort.  Because you are nothing but a cross-dressing sissy with a tiny cock.”
The butt plug makes my arse feel raw.
Drool is pouring from my mouth because of the ring gag.
My knees hurt, my back aches.
But it doesn’t let up.
She blows smoke in my mouth, whispers insults in my ear.

And I realise that the next 24 hours are going to be a constant torment.
It goes on, apparently for ever…..

“Stand up tiffy.”  I struggle up, and she removes my mask.

“Time for dinner,” she grins……

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Post Shopping Punishment & Chores

We are back at Mistress’s house.  She starts to ask me questions about the day.  ” How did you enjoy Your day out?”
i start to answer , and She stops me.  “Your voice is pathetic tiffy.  Softer and higher.  Fetch the riding crop and the butt plug.”
i knew this was coming.  i fetch the riding crop, and bend over the table, my arse in the air.
“You get 3 for the first offence,” She says harshly as She shoves the butt plug ruthlessly into me.   She hits me hard, rapidly, i hardly have time to cry out once.
“Thank You Mistress,” i sob.
“Now, how was your day?” She asks again.
i try to answer, softer, more feminine, but i know it’s no use.
“4 this time,” they crash down on me, my arse is already on fire.
“How was your day?”
“Wonderful,” i breathe “Mistress.”
“Not bad.  But not good enough.”
She pours another 5 onto me, i’m crying out now, and in tears.
“How was your day you tiny cocked wanker of a sissy boy?”
“Fabulous Mistress, You made it into a wonderful day,” i breathe in a high, whispering voice.
“Very good tiffy.  Now speak like that all the time.  Because if you don’t, you will keep getting this.”
She gives me 6- i knew that would be the minimum, so i’ve got off lightly- so far.

“Bathtime tiffy.” 
i’ve got used to this style of command.  Why would She use lots of breath to command me when all i need is one or two words to let me know what i must do?
i scurry to Her bathroom and run a bath, testing the temperature all the time as i add bubble bath.
i light scented candles, and put on a relaxing CD of classical music.
i lay out a bath mat, and make sure there are plenty of deep, fluffy towels for Her.
i hang Her bath robe strategically where She can reach it as She gets from the bath.
“Your bath is prepared Mistress, “ i tell Her, making sure to sound as feminine as possible.
She goes to the bathroom- She doesn’t speak- why would She acknowledge my action?  i am the equivalent of a washing machine or a hoover- an energy saving device.
While She is in the bath i enter Her bedroom- i am always nervous in here as i am only allowed in on direct command.
i lay out Her clothes on the bed, carefully, and well folded.
There on the bed is an instruction for me, written in Her hand.

There are 3 tasks for me to carry out.
Firstly, i have to write out “i understand that i should obey Mistress Eleanor without question at all times” 100 times.  i go to the table, and write as quickly and as accurately as i can.  It is not a hard task- just a little tedious, but if ever i needed reinforcement of our relative positions, here it is.

Mistress comes from the bathroom.
“I’m hungry” She says.  “There is a menu on the worktop.”
She has written out what She requires for Her evening meal- i pour Her a glass of wine, and then go to make Her dinner while She watches the TV.
Soon dinner is ready- dinner for one, so i go off to carry out my second written task- to clean the bathroom after it has been used by Her.
i clean using vinegar, newspaper and my toothbrush.  She has told me to clean the toilet last- She has used it, so my toothbrush will be interesting when i clean my teeth later.  i find this task hard.  The newsprint comes off and makes the porcelain black, and the bathroom smells of vinegar.  It is one of my least favourite tasks.
i go back to the dining room, where Mistress has finished Her dinner.  The plate of scraps is on the kitchen floor, a cigarette butt protruding from it.
“Eat,” She commands, and i get down on all fours and eat my meal from the plate, like a dog.  The cigarette butt makes me gag, but i force it down.

i wash up, and Mistress takes me back to the dining room.
“Time for more feminisation tiffi, let’s start with makeup.”
i sit at the table, and make myself up.  She comments at times; wipes off my eye-liner and makes me re-apply it.
 “OK, deportment.” i walk up and down the room, a book on my head.   i know this is just for show, but it’s hard.
 “Walk into the room, say “Hello Mistress” and sit down.  Remain seated until I tell you otherwise.”
i go out.  i come back in, and breathe “Hello Mistress,” all froth and breathlessness.  “That’s it tiffi.  Well done.  There’s hope for you yet.”
i sit, and cross my legs, like a woman.  After a few minutes sitting like this it begins to hurt, but i stick with it.
 “Put another coat of nail varnish on.”
Still sitting there, i apply nail varnish- i realise i have some chips.
Eventually She lets me stand.
“It’s my bed time tiffy.  Just your last task to complete then You can go home.”
She takes me into the hallway, and i kneel facing the door.  She cuffs my hands and feet, leaving the keys on a nearby table.  She puts the ring gag in, and tightens it so i can’t move it.
Then She blindfolds me, and i hear Her set the alarm.
“When the alarm goes off, free yourself, and go home,” She says.
Then She spits in my mouth through the ring gag, and i hear Her chuckling to Herself as She goes upstairs.
i kneel for what seems like forever, drool pouring from my mouth, my body aches, the butt plug buzzes in my arse.
i can hear the timer ticking away- if i couldn’t hear it, i would swear i’d been here for hours.
At last the timer goes.
i struggle to the table, get the keys, unlock myself, remove the gag and the butt plug.
i re-dress, so i look like i did when i arrived this morning, and then i leave, posting the front door keys through the letter box as i walk towards my car.

i am dressed as a girl.  Some people have mistaken me for a girl today in public.

i smile to myself, and swing my hips jauntily as i cross the road to my car.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Mistress Eleanor Goes Shopping

i knew today was coming, but i’m still not prepared for it.
Today is the day that i go out in public with The Mistress.
i dress in “rock chick” gear.  A short leather jacket, short black skirt, knee boots.
i choose nude hold up stockings, i have to pull these up as far as i can to make sure they don’t show beneath the hem of the skirt.

i’m made up, and my hair is long and brushed.  i remember to put in long dangly gold earrings just before i leave.
i check myself in the mirror.  i look a bit slutty, but nothing too out of the ordinary.  i draw a deep breath and leave.

i drive to Mistress ‘s house, and park.
Trembling, i leave the safety of my car and walk to Her door, i ring the bell and wait.
She makes me wait at the door, but i learnt a long time ago not to ring again.

i stand patiently, and after what seems like forever She opens the door.
She looks me up and down, and frowns slightly.
“You look like a slut.  I’ll punish you for that later.”
“Yes Mistress, of course.”
i wait.
“Still, you’ll pass as a woman with the less observant.  Come on.  Walk one pace behind Me.”
“Yes Mistress.”
She strides to the car, and i follow behind.
She stops, and raises an eyebrow.
i open the door quickly, and after She gets in, i close it behind her.
In the car she hands me cigarettes and a lighter.
“Look after those.  Give Me one when I tell you. Don’t speak unless I ask you a question.  Take Me into town.”

We drive into town.  Mistress directs me to a car park, i park the car, and as quickly as seems normal to the outside world i jump out, rush round and open the door for Her.
She strides off without a word.  i lock the car and scurry after her.

As we walk, i am aware of people looking at me.  Are they seeing a man in drag?  Or a slutty woman?
A group of young men stare.  i blush- i don’t know if they want to fuck me or beat me up.

We go into a boutique, and Mistress tries on some dresses.  i stand in the corner, nervously,  the assistant looks at me out of the corner of her eye.
Mistress chooses two dresses, and takes them to the counter.  The girl rings them up, and the girl looks at us for payment.  Mistress raises an eyebrow at me, and i get out my credit card and pay.
The girl talks to me, and i answer, as short as i can, in my best girl’s voice- but she frowns at me, i think she knows i am a man.

We leave the shop and begin walking again.
i am two paces behind Mistress, when She says one word- “Cigarette.”
i pull one out of my handbag, my hands trembling, and give it to Her. She puts it in Her mouth, and i light it with the lighter.  She takes a long drag, and blows the smoke into my face.  i resist the temptation to cough.  She turns on Her heel, and i follow, carrying the bag with Her dresses in, already beginning to regret the heels i am wearing.

We go into a shoe shop.  Mistress chooses three pairs of shoes- high heeled spikes.  The girl fetches them and starts to kneel to help Mistress.
Mistress waves her away.  “It’s OK my assistant will help Me.  Kneel tiffy.”
The girl leaves and i kneel down.  i help Mistress on with the shoes, watch Her walking up and down.
Eventually She chooses a pair, and we go to the counter.
We follow the same routine, but this time the girl can hardly prevent herself from laughing out loud at me.

We go outside.
“Really tiffani, you must practice harder on your voice.  That girl clearly knows you’re a man.  That displeases Me.”
“Sorry Mistress.”  i answer in my very best girl’s voice.
She frowns and strides on.

We shop all morning, and by now i seem to be carrying an unfeasible number of bags.
Twice more She says “Cigarette” to me and i oblige.

She goes into a local bistro, and we sit down at a table.
She orders for us both.  She orders me something she knows i don’t like, and a glass of water.
After we have eaten, She says “Pay the girl tiffy, and then it’s time to visit the bathroom.”
i pay, and then follow Mistress to the toilets.  She chooses the disabled toilet and we both enter at once.
i realise why- it is private and there is a lot of room.
“Kneel.”  She points, and i kneel down next to the toilet itself.  i can feel my knees getting damp- there is pee on the floor.
Mistress adjusts Her clothing and stands over me.
i open my mouth, and She pees into it.
i swallow, as always.
She wipes Herself (i’m not allowed to touch Her), and She adjusts Her clothing.
“Pee if you need to,” She says
i sit- the chastity device does not allow me to stand, and after peeing i dry myself as best as i can.

We leave, and carry on round the shops.

Eventually we enter Next, and She says “Time for a change of pace tiffy.  Choose something for yourself.”
i’m surprised by this, and i just say “Yes Mistress,” before i start to think about what i should choose.
i look at the skirts, the blouses in confusion.  i can see Mistress watching me, amused at my indecision.

i turn to the party dresses.  Maybe this would do.  i pick out a blue, tight dress, short, armless.
“What about this Mistress,” i stammer.
“Yes, try it on,” she commands.

i cross to the changing rooms- “Can i try this on please?”  i am blushing and my hands are shaking.
“Yes, in here.  Shout for me if you need any help” the girl replies.

i go in and strip down to my underwear.  If she comes in now…. my chastity device is obvious through my panties.
i put the dress on.
“Come out tiffani, let Me see,” Mistress calls out.

Oh my God.  i walk out into the store, people turn to see me.  Some look away, some stare, puzzled.  They know there is something not quite right.

“Perfect tiffy.  Get changed.”
i change back, and then pay.
We walk back to the car, i open the door for Mistress as always, and we drive away.
“Not bad tiffy, but we need to work on you a bit more. Take me home and i will correct your behaviour.”

“Yes Mistress,” i reply.  There is no point arguing.  i suspect it’s going to be a long evening.

Friday, 14 March 2014

your Pain Is My Pleasure

 leather tail whip flogger. whipping & flogging sessions available

I watch him with a smirk and a snigger, as he approaches Me, naked, his tiny little maggot twitching. I order him to “kneel at My feet”
I kick his hands from under him, forcing his head and shoulders lower. I give him a gentle whip with My flogger “Lift up your buttocks, closer to Me.”
he does as order, and I spread My legs wide. I pull back with My flogging arm and take aim.
With force, the flogger comes down, across both buttocks. The rippling sharp sounds of the tails as they make contact with flesh, is very satisfying.
Thank You, Mistress”
I immediately draw back to repeat the flogging. I always smile when I see the multiple pink bottom marks appear. Accept My lashes, and thank Me always, slave.  your pain is My pleasure.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Positions Available For Photo & Video slaves

I want slaves to be in My photos and videos. If you are booking a training session with Me, tell Me that you want to appear on My websites and blogs when you apply.
I will need your signature on one of My release forms to allow this, and also some photo identification before any photographs or video are taken. For video, a camera will be set up in the room, and footage from the session will be edited afterwards. For photographs it will depend on the type of session. For some sessions, there will be a camera in the room, and photographs will be taken throughout. For some sessions this will not be practical, as it will interfere with your training. If this is the case, photos will be taken before the session, or after the session, or both. I will tell you which when your session is being arranged. There may be time added to your session for this as required, and again, I will tell you this before the session. Some degree of anonymity may be maintained, with the use of a mask or a hood. However, I will not edit tattoos, birthmarks, or any other distinguishing features out of photographs or video footage. Normal tributes and deposits apply for these types of filmed and photographed sessions.

In addition to this type of filming, I will from time to time arrange photograph and filming sessions or parties. There will be several slaves present during these sessions, and perhaps another Mistress or Pro Domme as well as Myself. These will be advertised as they are arranged. Apply to register your interest in these sessions to receive a questionnaire. When I have received your completed questionnaire I will contact you when there is a place at an appropriate party available. There will be small tribute applicable to secure your place, but this will be dependent on who and what is involved.

All filming sessions are open to applications from slaves, submissives, sissies and masochists. The sessions will not usually be mixed.

Contact Me at
Title your email “Film/Photograph me” and tell Me in your application whether you are interested in One to one filming sessions or group sessions.