Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Happy Days

I receive a txt from Mistress.  It reads, ”Come tomorrow, dressed. Expect to stay overnight.”
So who knows what is in store for me?  But I know what “dressed” means.  It means dressed as a woman. 
I think about what to wear.  It’s not always easy to get it right.  And then, I can’t turn up empty handed, so that means a little shopping first.
So I go out into town.  I know she has a list of wants on Amazon…. All sex toys, and pvc clothing.  But maybe I should get her something for herself… I know her shoe size, so I settle on a pair of mid height heeled shoes, classy, expensive.  And then I buy her flowers- from a flower shop, not something pre packed from Tesco’s.

Tomorrow dawns, and I dress.  I decide on the rock chick look.  Knee boots, short skirt, leather jacket.  I set off, nervous, but I go over it in my mind, and I think I’ve done everything I can.
I arrive, park and walk over to Her house.  She’s had me dressed outside so many times now, I hardly feel nervous. I arrive at her door and check my makeup in my pocket mirror.  I touch up my lipstick and ring the bell, once.  And then I wait.  These days I know not to become impatient.
Eventually She answers, and I greet her, “Good Morning Mistress, I have brought You some flowers, and a gift.
She dumps the gift wrapped shoes in the hallway, and tosses the flowers to one side.  I‘ll be finding a vase for them soon enough.
“I had a party here last night.  The place is a shambles.  Clean it.” She says.  “And put the flowers in a vase.”
I go and fetch the cleaning gear, and start.
It takes me all morning , and into the afternoon to clean thoroughly.  I regret bitterly the choice of clothes.  I’m hot and sweaty, and the heeled boots are killing my feet.  Having said that, I have higher heels, and at least I haven’t had my ankles or wrists chained together.
Mistress inspects my work, and finds only minor faults.  It’s hard to say if she’s pleased, but no punishment follows, so I have to assume that I’m getting better at cleaning to Her requirements.
“Good, laundry then.” 
I go to Her laundry basket.  There’s quite a lot, and much of it is hand wash.  So I get on with it.
I’m hungry, but best not to ask.  I work on, washing, drying, ironing.  It gets to about 6, and She hands me a dinner menu.
I cook for her, pasta with prawns, and a side salad.
I serve, and stand on one side of the room while she eats.
When she finishes, I light a cigarette for Her.  She smokes, and stubs the cigarette out in the remains of Her meal.  She places the plate on the floor.
“you may eat if you wish” She says.
I get on all fours and eat the remains of Her meal.  I swallow the cigarette butt- I know that She will not accept a dirty plate.

I wash up and then she tells me to go to bed.
The room I sleep in has no curtains, and a single bed with no covers.
I know the drill.
I strip, and lie down on the bed.  I leave the door open.  If Mistress wants to check on me, She can look in without having to open a door, I feel vulnerable, cold, but eventually I sleep.

I’m up early.  I make breakfast, and am allowed a slice of toast eaten directly from the floor, and half a cup of cold tea that Mistress has lost interest in.

She sends me shopping.  I have a list, and I no longer worry about who’s looking at me, I just bustle round the supermarket picking things up.  But I go through the self checkout system- it’s one less person to have to interact with.
I arrive back to find Mistress getting ready for Her afternoon’s work.
“tiffy, we have two visitor’s today, and you’re helping with them.  I’m glad you’re dressed like that, because a slightly dominant slut is exactly what I require.”

The first client arrives at 2:00, and I meet him at the door.
He almost panics and runs, but I frown at him and tell him to “Get inside, don’t waste Mistresses time.” He enters, and I show him through to the dungeon room.
Mistress comes in and he falls to his knees.  She makes him lick Her boots… and then She makes him lick mine.  He is stripped naked, and I bring him his outfit for the session- a tutu, a pair of black high heels and a black gimp mask.  I help him into them, and we strap him to a bench.
Apparently he likes a bit of caning, and Mistress flogs him.
I help her with a variety of tortures….. pinwheel, candles, a few blows to his balls.  Eventually it’s over, and She lets him masturbate onto the floor.
I take him by the shoulders, and force his face to the ground, and make him lick it up.
It’s hard to get him to leave.  Mistress leaves me to it, and I help him undress.  He just wants to talk, and he certainly can.
I almost have to throw him out the door, and just in time, because 5 minutes later the next client arrives.
He has no problem with me- in fact I’m rather concerned that he looks at me in a lustful way….
Mistress takes control of him and gets him stripped off.    She takes abuse to a new level with him, swearing at him, laughing at his dick.
She ties his balls to his ankles and then chases him round the room with a whip, laughing all the time.
She ties him up, suspended from the ceiling, and begins to kick him in the balls.  Over and over.  But he won’t say the safe word.
Eventually She tells me to have a go, and I kick him gently in the nuts.  This is a mistake on my part, as a riding crop lashes viciously across my buttocks.
“Do it properly tiff!” She hisses at me.
So I kick him hard. And again.  And again.
He is crying, sobbing uncontrollably.
I kick him once more, and he finally cracks.  “Enough Mistress., please.”
Mistress prowls round him. She is smoking, and blows some in his face.  Without warning she slaps his balls hard with her open palm.
He cries out, and begs again for her to stop.
“Please Mistress, they hurt.” He begs.
It’s nearly the end of his session, and  Mistress looks at me and smiles.
“I think you’ve been a bit hard on him tiffy.  You should make up for it.  Here rub this into his balls.”
She hands me a pot of cream.  “Go on rub it in.”
I kneel down and start to rub cream into his swollen balls.
This has the expected result, and he starts to become hard.
“Looks like his tiny dick needs some work too tiffy.”
I take my cue, and rub cream into his member which becomes fully hard, and throbbing.
“Now tiffy, lick it clean.  Start with his balls.”
I suck his balls into my mouth, and then work up his shaft, licking sucking.
“Don’t let him make a mess tiffy,” She says.
“We don’t want spunk on the floor do we? So take care of it please.”
I take his cock in my mouth, and start to move my lips up and down over the head.  He can‘t believe his luck- he certainly wasn’t expecting to get a blow job at the end of his visit.  It doesn’t take him long, and he shoots into my mouth.
“Hold it tiffy… let me see.”
I open my mouth to let Mistress see the hot spunk on my tongue.
“Now swallow it,” she says.  So I do.
We unstrap the client, and while he’s dressing, Mistress takes my hands, cuffs them, attaches them to the ceiling. 
“Before you go,” she says”, I don’t suppose you’d like to give him a couple back would you?  In the balls?”   She smiles at the client, and he knows better than to turn Her down.
He kicks me, hard, and I gasp, the pain is shocking.  It takes a while to permeate through my body, and then he does it again.  And again.
I feel sick, I can’t move, but he leaves.  Mistress turns the light off and leaves me in the dungeon, alone, attached to the ceiling, in the dark.
After an hour or so She returns.
She unshackles me, and says “Clean up.”  So I clean up. I scrub the floor, vacuum, polish.  I sterilise toys, hang up various toys, take used clothing and wash it.
It’s dinner time, I cook again.  This time I’m allowed a little dinner as it is cooked…. Except that Mistress spits on it repeatedly.  I get a drink too- a nice wine glass full of Mistress’ s pee.
And then it’s over, and I’m sent home.
Until the next time.

“You did well sucking cock today tiffy. I’m going to start offering you as an additional service that I can charge for.  So be ready for a call at any time.  Make sure you’ve got some nice red lipstick on when I call for you.”

I go home, tired, but content.  I have got through two days without any punishment.  I have helped Mistress to look after two clients, and I have been allowed to eat her spit and drink her pee.  Happy days.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Wank Tax

All you nasty little wankers who have been masturbating all week, Wank Tax of £10 per wank is due tomorrow via Amazon UK Gift Certificate.

If you have been good enough to keep your filthy little fingers out of your pants this week, you may apply today to be given permission to masturbate tomorrow.
In your application, tell Me when you last masturbated, and why you think I should allow you the privilege this week. What will you do for Me if I allow you.
Applications to Me by midnight UK time.

My email address for your application is
This is also the email address for Amazon Gift Cards.

Monday, 17 November 2014

Dommes Party November 2014

I will be holding a Dommes party this November, probably during the last week of November, between 24th & 30th.
Miss Legs and I will be looking after the lucky subs who are selected to attend, and there is another Domme, Miss Clare yet to confirm Her availability.

Other Details:
Location: South Yorkshire, U.K.
Time: Midday (12:00)
Duration: 2 hours
sub numbers invited: 4-6
Tribute: £200
Deposit: Yes

To register your interest in this party, contact Me or Miss Legs at the following addresses;
Tell Us in your application why We should consider inviting you to attend, and give any dates/times that you will be available and unavailable.

Miss Clare's photos will be posted to this blog when Her availability has been confirmed.

Mistress Eleanor
Miss Legs

Monday, 10 November 2014

Dommes Party - Thursday 27 November 2014

Mistress Eleanor & Miss Legs will be holding a Dommes party on Thursday 27 November at midday.
Miss Clare has now confirmed She will also attend.

Other Details:
Location: South Yorkshire, U.K.
Duration: 2 hours
sub numbers invited: 4-6
Tribute: £200
Deposit: Yes

Send you application to attend this party to;
Tell Us in your application why We should consider inviting you to attend.

Miss Clare's photos will be posted to this blog later this week.