Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kidnapped By Mistress Eleanor

I see him walking towards the centre of town. I give Mistress X the signal, and we close in on either side of him. We each grab an arm, and I whisper harshly into his ear “you’re coming with us! Just walk, act natural, and don’t make a sound.”
We reach the car, and his hands are cuffed, first to each other and he is shoved into the back seat of the car. Then he is cuffed to the inside of the car, then his wrists are shackled to his ankles.
I get in the back with him, and Mistress X drives. As we set off, I blindfold him, so he doesn’t know where we will take him.
We arrive, and get him out of the car, and lead him through the door. Inside the door he is forced to his knees, searched and stripped. We steal his keys, wallet & fone. A collar and lead are attached to his neck, and he is led, on his knees, to the room where he will be held.
“Do you know why you are here? Why this has happened to you?” I question him.
A pathetic sound comes from him, which sounds like “no”.
“Then you had better think long and hard mr seddon. We will not tell you the reason, you will only be punished further for being utterly ignorant of your actions.”
We throw him to the ground, and he rolls over onto his side. I force open his mouth and shove his own underwear inside. We smack him and kick him, and whip him with his own belt. We throw cold water over him, and hot wax.
Beaten and pathetic and sobbing, he is thrown into a cage. The ordeal is not yet over, he has only suffered for an hour, but Mistress X and I are tired and hungry. We gather together some snacks and drinks, and lay a table cloth over the cage….

Friday, 19 July 2013

Severe Caning Session

Harsh Mistress in extreme caning session

I force him to strip quickly, and force his naked form to it’s knees. I have a selection of tools to hand. It is important to severely punish boys that have been bad. It’s for your own good. I first take a natural cane, quite thick and not too flexible. Gripping it in My gloved hand by the hooked handle, I take a quick swipe at his left buttock, immediately leaving a red mark. I send 9 further lashed towards the same spot. The immediate damage caused is not too much, but with such a heavy cane bruising will appear by the morning.
he must try harder to supress his need to call out. Although just a whimper, I demand complete silence. I pull back on his head and force a ball gag into his mouth to hush him. I pull on the buckled strap to make sure it is tight. A little too tight perhaps, but no sound shall pass. I give no verbal instructions. The only sound in the room is the gentle click of my wooden heels, the swish of My weapon as it moves through the air, and the twack of wood on skin as the cane reaches it’s destination.
My next weapon, a much more flexible cane, light in weight, but with the ability to break skin with the right wrist action and some strength and force to the blow.
I bring it down on his right cheek. I see the flesh move as the cane makes contact. The reddening is immediate, and his body jerks at the pain. I pull back on his hair, and stare into his face. A warning not to do that again, I am watching you. I bring down the cane 9 more times, and he only blinks. There is no blood. I push his head back towards the floor.
I pull down My riding crop from it’s place on the wall. I kick his kneeling legs apart. I tap the metal tip of the crop against his balls. I hear him draw breath, preparing for the harsh whipping of My crop. Standing behind him, with My legs apart, I begin to bring power and speed to the swing of My crop, first between My legs, and back between his, beating his balls with increasing intensity.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Extreme Fetish Request

This was something I had not been asked before. The title of the first email read “Make me bleed”
After various emails back and forth to find out exactly what forms this would take, the session went as follows.
He wanted to be severely dealt with, with whatever equipment I want, and he wanted the severity of the whippings, canings etc, to make him bleed, but without using any sharp items. There was to be no blood spilt anywhere, so the punishment was to be administered to his skin, and once the skin was broken, cling film was wrapped around. I started with his feet. In a kneeling position, with his feet lifted from the floor, I set to work with a cane. Thrashing him hard across the toes, the blood quickly started to seep through his reddened skin. I applied the cling film before moving onto the other foot.
Over and over I caned his toes, and wrapped them, moving up to his ankles, which were harder to break. Caning his buttocks inbetween, as I knew the fleshy buttocks would take some beating with blunt instruments to bring blood. I bent over him to dig My nails deep into his chest and around his nipples. Alternating between his nipples and issuing lashes across his back, it was ready to be cling film covered in less than 15 minutes. I wrapped the film under his arms and pulled it tight around his chest. I wrapped further film around his mouth, to make him quiet.
Swapping between canes, whips and paddles, the red markings all over him began to join up until he was almost completely red.
I pushed his head down low, so his buttocks were high and his balls exposed for beating. Using My triple leather slapper, I hit his hard in the cock and balls and his inner thigh. his thighs and cock bled soon enough, but the balls simply would not, so I wrapped the film around and issued him with some severe kicks with the tip of My shoe.
After almost 2 hours, his whole body was part bleeding, and part showing blood up just under the surface of the skin. I finished the wrap by strapping his arms down fully, and wrapping his whole head, leaving only a small gap for his nostrils. Standing in front of Me, My freshly beaten and bleeding cling film mummy. The session finished by spreading the fresh blood to coat him using a flat leather had paddle. The beating was severe, and the blood spread. Tears filled the cling film around his face.
I cut him out of his cling film shroud, creating two man shaped pieces, which with My permission, he took away with him.