Sunday, 15 January 2017

Sunday Worship

After spending some weeks training a new slave online, I felt it was time to meet for a session to further it's training.
I do enjoy relaxing on a Sunday, so I arranged a session for Sunday afternoon, where I should relax and be pampered, and entertained by humiliating My newest little pet, severely.
Today started off well, Miss Legs and I went for lunch, driven to and paid for by My loyal slave, dogshit_v011. Very relaxing. Very enjoyable. Fuelled and ready for a fun afternoon.
A feeble "Knock, knock!"
And the sight I saw as I opened the door, disgusted Me way more than is usual when greeting a new one at the door.
High as a kite. Unacceptable.
I am always above you. I took the blank envelope, and slammed the door shut.
your continued knocking and phone calls were in vain. Miss Legs and I spent the afternoon being entertained by another loser online.
your final email from Me should be in your inbox by now. It did not take long to write to you, although I think Myself generous, as "fuck off!". Is 2 more words than you deserve.

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